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  • Apple Music reaches 38M subscribers, gained 2M in last month

    I find the idea that Spotify is better than Apple Music because “it works everywhere” hilarious. Before Apple Music ever existed I kept wanting to try Spotify, but never did, because it required Adobe Flash to run on the Mac, which I had gotten rid of a long time ago due to security and horrible Flash based web advertising. Now that Flash has officially been discontinued I'm guessing they've finally figured out how to support a Flash free Mac/PC version of Spotify (have they?). So, yes, I ended up getting Apple Music instead of Spotify, because it actually does work everywhere. That and it had a wide music video selection which Spotify didn’t (has that changed?). And to this day Spotify doesn’t support AppleTV (which I use for Apple Music constantly). So no, Spotify doesn’t come remotely close to working “everywhere”
  • Piper Jaffray ups AAPL price target to $305, sees 'perfect storm' for 'iPhone 5G'

    I am absolutely bullish about AAPL, but 5G is a joke. Other than a sales pitch, about all 5G can do for the average user is ruin their smartphone's battery life. Fortunately very few people have 5G smartphones - but if a large % get snookered into it, there will be angry users 
  • Apple issues AirPort Express firmware update adding support for AirPlay 2

    Eric_WVGG said:
    sflocal said:
    DLink, NetGer, Linksys, etc.. 
    I agree that those vendors were awful. The new generation of mesh routers though — Plume, Eero, Google Home — blow them and Apple's offerings out of the water. [edit] Netgear has a new mesh line called Orbi, and Linksys has the Velop series that the article mentions above. No thanks, been burned by both companies too many times.

    I kind of wish Apple would acquire Plume or Eero, but whatevs. There are good options now, and mesh can extend your home network range without cutting the speed in half with every hop.
    I am all for mesh networks for people in MacMansions, but for city apartments they are useless.  Meanwhile none of them support Time Capsule, printers, AirPlay 2 to any receiver in the universe via TOSlink, etc. etc. 
  • Apple issues AirPort Express firmware update adding support for AirPlay 2

    Now that I’ve updated, is there a way to start playing music on my HomePod and have it also sent to the AirPort Express?  I know I can select them both with my phone but I want to give Siri a command to play it on both.
    Same question