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  • Tested: Thermal conditions in the 2018 i9 MacBook Pro dramatically hampering performance

    blastdoor said:
    I have a 2017 15” MBP. I like it. I wouldn’t want them to change the form factor.

    There are two fundamental problems here from my point of view:

    1. Apple should not offer the i9 as an option if it has no real advantage. A big part of the advantage of Apple is that they don’t dump design decisions on the user. 

    2. Apple needs to offer better pro desktop options. The iMac pro is ok but we need a real pro desktop. If there were a real pro desktop option then people would be more willing to accept the compromises inherent in an elegantly designed laptop 

    I guess blame it all on Intel. That's what Apple is doing - Intel promised lower power chips, and didn't deliver.

    If they did not offer the i9, Dave Lee and pretty much everyone else on the internet would endlessly whine about it. As it is, shipping the i9 was the right decision even though I'm super disappointed with this and won't get one as planned now.

    It's possible Intel will fix this by providing better chips to Apple, or Apple can do some magic with fan management - it's still possible there are bugs in the fan management software and it's just throttling more than it needs to be.

    @AppleInsider - I would love for you to do a processor test that doesn't use the GPU as well. 

    Because if you use the GPU, there's a second massive heat source in the system. If you run without GPU, you should see less throttling?! I am not sure Adobe Premiere and Cinebench are using the GPU, but the article seems to imply at lease Premiere does. 

    In my own tests trying to play a game on my MBP, just running the GPU would nearly overheat the system, didn't even need a lot of CPU power for that.