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  • Even Xiaomi staff can't distinguish its clone of Apple's Memoji

    Stuff like this makes me happy that the trade war is happening. Switch to Malaysia,Indonesia & Thailand where intellectual rights are protected.
    Are intellectual rights more protected in Malaysia and Indonesia? I highly doubt that. Maybe they're just not as technologically advanced to produce products and sell them to the US at a large enough scale. I recall seeing a lot of counterfeit Coca Cola and Starbucks t-shirts being sold on the streets the last time I was over there. Seems like there's no copyright protection there or at least it isn't enforced.
  • Vietnamese workers sleep on factory floors to prevent COVID outbreaks

    This is why the iPhone cannot be made in the USA.
  • Some iPhone 12 cases are shipping without speaker holes

    sflocal said:
    People will get outraged over anything in this era of instant-information.  I don't see an issue.  Take it back to Apple and get a replacement. Jeez.
    But we're talking about a $45 case here. Not a $5 case bought from Wish.com. One would assume Apple would have picked a factory with more stringent quality checks.
  • MagSafe Battery Pack images show it doubles iPhone 12 thickness

    tht said:

    Once runtimes get beyond a certain number of hours (about 10 to 12 hr) for the mass market or people, they will value thinness over additional runtime. Ie, a phone that is 7mm with 10 hrs of runtime will get a lot more sales than a phone that is 12mm with 20 hrs of runtime. Motorola had a decent market test case for this with their Maxx phones. They had a thin "normal" version and a thicker version with ~2x runtimes and about +$100 more. Those Maxx phones didn't have enough sales to dent the market. If it was a feature people really wanted, it would have gotten a lot more sales and a lot more phones would have bigger batteries.
    Were both options priced considerably different? If the thicker one was only a few dollars more expensive or even the same price, I wonder if people would have gone for the thicker one for more value at the cost of having to carry around a heavier phone. Or if people would have preferred the slimmer phone at the same price for the portability factor.
  • State report says Foxconn's Wisconsin plant 'more of a showcase' than a factory

    The owner of Foxconn probably saw the film "American Factory" after the deal was signed and decided to bail.