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  • Apple replacing 13-inch MacBook Pro with 14-inch 'M2' model, leaker says

    Marvin said:
    rune66 said:
    This news doesn't make any sense to me. What do they mean by replacing? Apple already sells a 14" MacBook Pro. So to me this is just a discontinuation of the MacBook Pro 13". I have waited years for a MacBook 14" but this new model is a complete disappointment. It's ugly, I'll never buy a 2k+ laptop with screen that has a lego brick size dent right in front of your eyes, it's ugly as hell and it's the most ridiculous design decision Apple ever made, it's heavy and clumsy. If the upcoming air is with a 13" screen and dent I'll be perfectly happy with the latest Intel 16" MBP for the next 10 years.
    The following 13" model at $1299 with touchbar 8GB/256GB would become a 14" with M2, likely without touchbar but still with 8GB/256GB:

    The 14" starts at $1999 with 16GB/512GB:

    Take that 14", subtract 8GB RAM ($200), 256GB SSD ($200) and M1 Pro chip ($300) = $1299. It may start a bit higher though.

    The notch can be hidden pretty easily:
    Thx - Still looks like a discontinuation to me, and then they add a cheaper option to the existing 14" line.

    Topnotch is another bad solution for a terrible design decision. I'm a Mac user for 30+ years. I like to keep the menu bar in it's original color. To be forced to change the menu bar color to black to avoid seeing an eyesore is beyond what I can accept on a +2k machine. And BTW that fat menu bar with extra height is a disgrace to Mac OS :-)

    If I could live with something it would be SwitchResX where you can disable that top 72 pixels al together and get what I would consider a standard, beautiful Mac OS screen 
  • Apple replacing 13-inch MacBook Pro with 14-inch 'M2' model, leaker says

    I'm amazed by how many people just accept that the most expensive laptop lineup in the world now has a big, ugly, rectangular dent in the screen. An ALL screens. Only Apple can get away with such a crippled design, it's really an inverse emperor's new clothes:

    "I can't see a big black square, can you see a big black square?"
    "Square, what square. I don't see any square".

  • 'iPhone SE 2' uses new flexible LCP antenna design claims Ming-Chi Kuo

    Apple is skipping decent size screen devices because people don't spend so much time using content on these and so we are not as valuable as users. It's all about money for Apple it seems. They offer a ridiculous amount of different devices but none to satisfy the huge amount of users that don't want a brick in their pocket.

    It's such a pity.
  • Apple shipped 66 million iPhones in fiscal Q1 2019, estimates Strategy Analytics

    I'm buying a new iPhone when Apple buckles and release an upgraded 5 SE
    neil anderson
  • Apple SSD in Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro fixed to motherboard, not removable

    I have been a loyal Mac buyer for 20 years but more and more is being taken away. Why is that I can get a fantastic Lenovo Thinkpad with OLED display, a proper keyboard, all the memory I need, a semi matte display that doesn't work like a mirror, for the same price as a MacBook Pro with yesterdays technology and a stupid gimmick touchbar. Apples other hardware offerings are running upgrades in slow motion not even knowing when there'll be another. And Mac OS? For last several iterations nothing has happened only loads of irrelevant features. To me Apple is without direction on the Mac hardware and OS-side.
  • Apple brings about the end of the physical Function key with MacBook Pro Touch Bar

    I saw a lot of redundancy with the touch bar. One example was to bold your text in mail. But using af touch bar for this where you have to remove your gaze from the screen to locate the bold-icon in the touch bar is inferior to using cmd-b on the keyboard. A lot of the touch bar functions seemed like this. But I guess this is the way it goes. Computers for the masses not for power users. I really hope I'll be proved wrong, I just don't see this as a step forward.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    You - Tim Cook - are a total pile of hypocrite crap. You try to defend the indefensible, and you should know. I guess power and money has gone to your head.