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  • Elon Musk and T-Mobile try beating Apple with satellite vaporware

    Wow that is a lot of hate in one article.

    SpaceX has launched thousands of satellites in the last two years and is already operating it's "internet from space" network all over the globe.

    People mocked them two years ago......and now here we are, internet from frickin outer space!

    SpaceX has to have a lot of things go right for any sort of working beta by the end of 2023. This service will require their Starlink 2 satellites, of which they’ve launched zero because they are much larger than their current satellites and can’t fit on their reliable Falcon 9 rocket. So SpaceX needs to have its Starship and Super Heavy booster fully operational and flying at a cadence of what F9 does now very quickly. To make economic sense, Starship has to be reusable, therefore their completely unproven ground system of catching hovering rockets out of the sky with their launch tower has to work reliably as well. How will they launch the hundreds or thousands of satellites needed for a public beta in just 16 months? I think they barely have regulatory approval to launch 5 times per year from their Texas site so they are scrambling to build a new site in Florida. Getting a rocket from prototype to reliable orbital launch ready vehicle is tough and time consuming. And testing their ground system to catch a rocket will be hairier. One wrong move and an exploding rocket will take out their tower and that will take months to analyze, clean up, and replace.

    I’m not hating. I’m just realistic. Musk’s timeline, as always, is overly optimistic. He’s also known for his vaporware products that are either several years delayed or nonexistent. Semi trucks that beat the cost of rail? Self-driving robo-taxis that make owners money? The lie of Hyperloop? Battery-swapping stations for Teslas? Cybertruck delays. $35K Model 3s? New battery tech when they’re just buying Panasonic batteries.

    So far Musk has mostly kept the vaporware out of SpaceX, but he’s blowing smoke up people’s asses about Mars colonization and this satellite phone service beta available in 16 months. They’ll be lucky if they have enough birds in the sky to do internal testing of this service by end of 2023. After all, they still have NASA contracts to fulfill in that time too.
  • Updated MacBook Air could launch at WWDC 2022

    I really hope M2 has capacity for more I/O. My old Intel Mac Mini has spoiled me for ports and I’d like 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt ports on the next one.

    Even if they don’t, the next best option is putting M2 Pro/Max in the Mini lineup to allow more ports. It’s the only thing that’s made me hesitant to upgrade.