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  • Class-action suit demands Apple add lock-out system to iPhone to prevent texting while dri...

    "The relationship consumers have with their phones is just too great, and the ability to slide under the eye of the law is just too easy," the lawsuit reads. "Embedding lock-out devices is the only solution."

    I find this line and the idealogical 
    mentality behind it very concerning. 
  • Apple Watch latest target in Uniloc's quickly growing legal barrage against Apple

    I am not going to claim I understand the current patent system. However, when I read something like "the '902 patent contains contingencies for putting a device to sleep during periods in which no motion signals are detected.", it makes me feel the whole system is so broken with patents that really should not be allowed to be a patent. Also, is it normal for a patent to take 4 years to be granted?
  • Apple Watch user found guilty of distracted driving

    Looks like some budgets needed a cash infusion. 
    Really? You have no problem with distracted drivers? I can usually spot a driver using a device from 100m away because of how badly they drive. Even pedestrians should have a little common sense when crossing/not crossing while on the phone.
    I believe you have inferred more from my post then meant.
    • I have a major irritation with distracted drivers and I do agree with you that may times you pass someone who is driving poorly you will see them on the phone. 
    • I also think there are many other distractions that a driver needs to contend with and that a bad driver is a bad driver. 
    • I fully agree with you regarding pedestrians. I have seen too many people walk into the street and nearly be hit because they were assuming cars say them and would stop. At a busy crosswalk I will walk into traffic but always be ready to move quickly if a car doesn't seem to be stopping. 
    • I also can agree with all these points and still believe that a $400 fine for looking at your watch while waiting at a light is a overly aggressive penalty. 

  • Class-action suit demands Apple add lock-out system to iPhone to prevent texting while dri...

    sog35 said:
    Apple already has a solution. Carplay. 
    I agree, and the solution used by apps like Waze are just irritating.