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  • Huawei trolls Apple by handing out power banks to customers waiting in line for an iPhone ...

    saarek said:
    Huawei is wasting their effort. These are hard-core iPhone users. They are not going to switch.
    Yes, but they're not trying to convince them. They want the free media coverage for those who might be on the fence.

    I have to admit, I'm annoyed that Apple has not increased battery life for another year in a row, heck they actually decreased the battery in the XS against the X.

    I cannot remember which poll it was, but it was a recent one, where it asked for the feature most people wanted in the next iPhone and the top answer was better battery life.
    What? What are you talking about? The iPhone X’s is rated for another 30 mins, and that phone was already pretty good. I went from charging halfway through the day with the 7 to making it the whole day  with the original x. And the Xr is even better!
  • 2019 iPhone said to be sticking with Lightning, keep 5W charger

    hattig said:
    5W charging only, in 2019, on an expensive high-end mobile phone?

    To 'keep costs down' - when 20W USB C fast chargers come by default now with mid-range Android phones?

    Still, there's the wireless charging, maybe Apple considers connected-charging 'legacy' nowadays.
    Fast charging at 20w daily isn’t really good for your phones battery. But they could at least include a 7.5 or 10 watt charger. 
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  • Class action claims all Apple Watches are defective

    I had this happen to my original series 0 Watch, not fun. They wouldn’t replace it. Glue failed on a $600 Watch a month after the warranty expires and they could care less. 
  • Apple's iPhone XR has the best claimed battery life of any iPhone, ever

    georgie01 said:
    I’m not sure about Apple’s battery life claims. My iPhone 7 lasted at least 40% longer than my X does. And I run my X’s display at maybe 20% brightness most of the time.
    There was something wrong with your  x than. Mine last longer than my old 7, fiancés 7 and 8.