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  • Days after Apple Watch's $50 price cut, competitor Pebble lays off 25% of staff

    if Eric Migicovsky is seriously confused as to why Silicon Valley investors are no longer investing in him, let's lay out the facts: he began over 4 years ago on kickstarter, preselling a metric buttload of their $99 "Classic" for $140 and up, claiming they would retail for $200+. instead of shipping these kickstarter presales, he diverted the majority to fulfilling a Best Buy order that occurred once they saw the popularity. even worse, they were then being sold at retail for $150. hilarity ensues amongst kickstarter "backers." after 2 years, entries from Samsung and other Android manufacturers convinced him to make a metal one, a round one, a metal round one and a "premium" one. despite having had a hand in making Blackberry's failed smartwatch many moons ago, a 2 year head start on the Android market alone, promotion from every tech oriented website on earth and nearly 5 years after launching their original kickstarter presale, Eric Migicovsky has failed to create enough profit to make the business self-sustaining. where have the profits gone? don't say "invested in new products" when your every model was launched using funds from kickstarter presales. gee, i wonder why investors aren't clamoring to send money his way?
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  • Schiller schools internet on correct Apple device plurals, but Cook says 'iPad Pros'

    apple ][ said:
    I am siding with Tim Cook on this one. 

    Let's say that I am asking my friend how many iPads they own. Which of these am I going to choose?

    (1) How many iPad do you own?    
    (2) How many iPad devices do you own?
    (3) How many iPads do you own?

    I am obviously choosing #3, as that makes most sense, it's most logical, and anybody opting for #1 or #2 is just somebody who obviously must have various issues, hopefully none too serious.

    I am sorry, but saying "I have 3 Macintosh" just sounds semi-retarded, and I will have no part of it.
    do you say, "hand me some Kleenex," or "hand me some Kleenexes," or "hand me some Kleenex tissues"? or do you avoid the conundrum altogether by just calling it what it is, tissue paper? and if the latter, do you pluralize it as "tissue papers" or "tissues paper"? XD