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  • Android Xiaomi Mi 8 shamelessly copies iPhone X

    marsorry said:
    I’m almost certainly convinced that Apple won’t take this to court.  Only if the sales figures seriously harm sales of Apple’s device would they do that in my view.  Apple’s already too far along in its cycle for this device to have affected the sales of the X.  Besides, their global footprint is also relatively small compared to Samsung and Apple, so if it went to court - the returns (should they win) would be largely insignificant.  Xiaomi has been copying for a while, with little retaliation and so have others.  If Samsung pulled a stunt like that, rest assured we’d be back in court in no time 😅😅
    Apple is not going to take this to court not because of sales figure.  The main thing is that xiaomi-too has no presence in the U.S. If Apple sues the mi-too company in China, they certainly aren't going to win just like all other court cases that they have wasted their money on in China and yields no favorable result for them.  Rest assure, though, these mi-too devices won't make it into the U.S. as long as they blatantly copy Apple the way they do.  The entire Chinese everything industry is centered around poorly duplicating existing products.
  • Apple threatens to close Epic Games developer account on Aug. 28

    I was wondering when this would happen.... I knew it was coming and now it has.  Good for Apple.
  • Judge gives greenlight to class action suit claiming Apple 'broke' FaceTime

    As soon as I read the title, I knew the judge would be Koh and the plaintiff a Californian.  These snowflakes are the result of an administration that produce/enable freeloaders to sue and cry over things that they don't get for free at someone else's expense.  Apple is a business.  If one of their products no longer make money, they have every right to stop supporting that product.  If a product ends up costing them money, there is no reason why they should continue supporting it.  iOS 6 is over three years old now.  Upgrade to the latest iOS that your product supports and stop whining.
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