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  • Apple's Studio Display doesn't shine in the light of competition

    JP234 said:
    It's a great display. But you can find better at the $1,599 price. This is probably aimed at the professional/prosumer market, who need to calibrate displays/scanners/printers to precise specs. It can be done on 3rd party monitors, but is easier with Apple displays. Ideal scenario would be an all Apple-made turnkey workstation, where everything is already calibrated to CMYK and Pantone metrics. Sure would have made this retired printing business owner's workflow easier!

    But then, if I was going to dream of unicorns and rainbows…
    Show me another 5K monitor with the quality and build of the Studio Display, I'll wait...because there isn't one...
  • How the Apple-Goldman Sachs relationship became an unhappy marriage

    chadbag said:

    im pretty sure The other big consumer card companies with rewards cards get a share of the interchange fees.  I wonder why GS agreed to a deal not to. (Chase, C1, Citi etc). 

    Apple Card was sure easy to share with my kids in Apple Pay so they could load their Suica virtual cards easily on our last trip to Japan. 
    You don't get interchange fees if you don't run the card system.  Since they outsourced it they don't have a choice.  Some financial institutions run their own credit card and debt card systems so they can get interchange.
  • Apple Maps, Weather app now shows Crimea as Russian territory

    3 tour combat Marine here which I usually keep to myself but I find Apples pandering to murderous dictstorships as disgusting as Trumps. 
    We are supposed to be different. We are less and less. 
    Anything for a buck Apple?
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  • TSMC managers think Americans don't work hard enough

    lkrupp said:
    In my experience, longer hours or extra days = slower work. If you know you have more time, you take more time. You're not going to work at the same pace knowing it's a 12 hour day versus an 8 hour day or a 6 day week instead of a 5 day week. 
    Not if you were working for Steve Jobs. You'd would have  been out on the street with a tin cup.
    You don't know anything about it at all.
  • YouTube drop tests are a terrible indication of iPhone durability

    You tube drop tests are stupid and not indicative of anything except link bait headlines.
  • Reviewers say there's no need to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

    Wow what a newsflash, iterative updates..which everyone does on everything.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says the Vision Pro doesn't present 'any breakthroughs'

    avon b7 said:
    He is basically right.

    Apple has upped the ante on the technological side but not really brought anything new. It's just souped up what was already out there, and along with it, the price, and wrapped it up nicely with some extra touches. 

    That said, the finesse is appreciable and also desirable because it reduces a lot of pain points. There is a lot to like (pricing aside). 

    I'm not sure why there was so much sofa sitting footage in the keynote and hope that more options are just as possible.

    You can't fight off a Sith sitting on your sofa!

    What Zuckerberg has to understand is that my wife was happy with her Quest and itching to upgrade. That got knocked on the head as soon as Meta made a Facebook account a requirement. That was when we abandoned our plans to upgrade. If more people feel the same way we do, Meta has a problem. 

    Meta has an image problem that goes far deeper than image. Apple has a big head start over them when it comes to trust. 

    LOL, no he hasn't said a single correct thing.  If you think Apple hasn't done anything new you badly need to watch the Keynote.

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  • How the Apple-Goldman Sachs relationship became an unhappy marriage

    entropys said:
    I really wouldn’t want American Express taking it over. I want it to work with Mastercard or visa.
    AE is almost a non starter in most countries.
    Incorrect.  Amex makes 65% of their revenue outside the U.S.  I used to work there.  But it does limit who will take the card.
  • How the Apple-Goldman Sachs relationship became an unhappy marriage

    "No commercial bank that's experienced in the credit card business is going to give Apple the same terms as Goldman did," said Nilson Report publisher and payments industry expert David Robertson.

    So Apple hunted for a desperate provider, just like with AT&T and the iPhone. I'm sure Apple emphasised the benefits AT&T accrued while selling this idea to GS. I'm also sure GS didn't look at the troubles AT&T had after launch (such as the massive demand for data that stressed their network and required bringing forward planned infrastructure enhancements).

    It really sounds like GS was looking for an easy profit-making venture, got surprised when Apple told them it was going to take hard work and decided that they didn't like the sound of that.
    Neither AT&T or Goldman were desperate.  Apple wasn't either.  Be glad Apple didn't allow the others to monkey with the iPhone like they do all other hardware providers.Slapping their own interfaces, logos, and apps on the iPhone.  Goldman was just greedy and stupid.  Almost all of the card services are outsourced by them and i can make a pretty good guess as to who.  I'm a Director of IT Architecture in the financial industry and have worked at Amex and many big banks.  I also remember the actual history of the iPhone and AT&T.  Anyone can google that and find out what actually happened.