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  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Tim Cook to let antitrust bills play out

    Just trust us, the government is here to help. The scariest thing you could ever hear. I wouldn't trust Nancy Pelosi to tell me the sky was blue.
    pichaelyojimbo007[Deleted User]
  • Apple's 'iPhone 7 Plus' to sport dual-camera iSight array built on LinX imaging technology

    True HDR? Each cam simultaneously capture 2-3 brackets at opposing exposures for much richer, much deeper HDR. This would also give them the ability to do multiple captures at slightly varying focal lengths to enhance the live photo functionality to not only give some motion but also change the focal point of a pic.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    schlack said:
    This is why many people respect and buy apple products all over the world. They take the right side of history, not just the path of least resistance. The fact that 4+ officers were gunned down tonight does not diminish the significance of this issue.
    The reason people buy Apple products is that they are superior products. If anything, anytime a company takes public sides on hot button political issues they tend to lose sales, there's plenty of studies and defunct companies to prove so.

    As for "the right side", why doesn't Apple call out the tens of thousands of black-on-black killings as being senseless? How about the massively disproportionate number of abortions in black communities each year that have taken literally millions of black lives? How about their support of organizations like Planned Parenthood who primarily target poor minority areas and was founded on the basis of diminishing an unwanted minority population? I guess the only black lives that really matter are the ones that die at the hands of law enforcement officers, most of which are the result of the officers responding to a call for a crime that person committed to begin with such as in Louisiana (if you didn't know, they were responding to a call about a suspicious person selling bootleg CD's in front of a convenience store and had pointed a gun at a store customer after an altercation).

    Why doesn't Tim Cook call out the politicians who pass all these absurd, tedious laws that law enforcement must by law enforce? How about calling out NYC for their absurdly high taxes and local laws against selling loose cigarettes that perpetuates the black market and high demand that caused Michael Brown to become the subject of a law enforcement encounter? Police go to where crime happens to enforce the laws they are legally bound to enforce and they respond accordingly to what they encounter, they do not go hunting for minorities.