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  • Anticipating WWDC 2016: What's in store for Apple's Macs and OS X

    mjtomlin said:

    Take a moment and think of "full screen" mode on a Mac and how that compares with the way apps work on an iPad. They are the exact same. Even in "El Capitan" we have the same split screen features when in "full screen" mode. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has already set the seed to make Mac apps with "full screen" support compatible with iPads and vice-versa.

    Apple has been training developers for a couple of years now to make apps adjust to specific sizes - it's going to pay off big time in the end.
    Full Screen apps on Mac follow the iPad's convention of focusing the user on a single screen at one time. However, the frameworks to build Mac or iOS apps are significantly different, even though they share much in common. There's no way to "recompile" an iPad app to work as a Mac app, but an iPad app could be run in emulation on the Mac desktop. On the other hand, Mac apps that have a full screen mode may be leading developers to think more in terms of iPad style design, but that doesn't make them "compatible" with iPad hardware. Running a Mac app on an iPad in emulation would be much harder than the reverse--I hesitate to say impossible but nearly so.
    I am not sure why the latest versions of OS X (Mavericks - El Capitan) have abandoned the one click rule. Full screen used to be one click in the upper right hand corner of just about every application. Now it takes at least 3 keystrokes. If that is the direction Apple designers are going, I don't think I am interested in the latest developments.