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  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    The big problem Samsung have here is that discontinuing production is to suggest they have not figured out the root cause of the failures.

    If they don't understand what has happened here, there is zero reason to believe the same problem won't feature in new phones they release.

    Samsung are in big trouble here.  I'm sure Apple will benefit somewhat, but it's the other Android manufacturers that must be rubbing their hands with glee.
  • Philips' HomeKit compatible Hue white ambiance bulbs now for sale

    zimmie said:
    The Hue Hub is required because the bulbs talk using a wireless standard called Zigbee. It's relatively common in the light industrial world, but only recently starting to hit products most regular people want. The Hue Hub acts as a bridge between a Zigbee network and a regular IP network. That lets IP devices (like iPhone) talk with Zigbee devices (like Hue bulbs).
    That's absolutely right.  My experience with my Hue has been that it makes adding new bulbs and switches significantly easier than what we'll call true "Internet of Things" devices that have TCP/IP stacks on the peripheral itself.  Adding things like a Nest thermostat and camera, and the staggeringly expensive Lifx bulbs to my WiFi network has never gone exactly smoothly.

    Plus, by only needing a Zigbee controller, the Philips bulbs are much cheaper than the likes of Lifx.

    Ultimately I'm really pleased with Hue.
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q1 2016 conference call

    Apple Watch does actually seem to be a bit of a missed opportunity at the moment, and I can imagine them building on that hugely.  I've actually been surprised by how many of them I see around, despite it being limited to iPhone users only.

    I get why it has to be paired with a phone, but it doesn't have to be paired with an iPhone.  I would assume Apple could release a watch app for Android the same as Android Watch can pair with an iPhone.

    The watch at the moment seems a little like the iPod was at launch.  The fact is, iPod only really found it's legs when it could be synched via Windows.  iPod also proved to be the "gateway drug" for me to get into Apple products (bought my first Mac shortly after my first iPod), and I suspect Apple Watch could be another path to coax Android users across to the Apple ecosystem.
  • Apple to house 1,400 employees at London's restored Battersea Power Station starting in 2021

    paxman said:
    welshdog said:
    There have been numerous attempts over the years to redevelop this building and the associated land.  I'm unclear which plan has won out, but I think the master plan by architect Rafael Viñoly is the most recent.  There also was announced a housing addition by Frank Gehry and Foster Associates.  I assume that if Apple has plans for officing here, it must finally have gotten off the ground.

    Here are some of the articles I found on Dezeen about Battersea plans. Some are wacky:

    I love this. Its a good fit. I remember doing a tour of the old power station  many years ago. It is massive and was beautiful even in a derelict state. (many movies have used it for locations shooting) The fact that Apple is on board would be a huge boost for any scheme currently under consideration. 
    A guy I used to work with back when I was living in Horsham served his apprenticeship in the generating hall here.

    I'm glad they've finally figured out what to do with it.  After the magnificent job they did restoring Bankside power station and developing Tate Modern, it was always a shame to come into London Victoria and go past a similar building that was just gradually becoming more and more derelict.

    It's important traces of industrial heritage are kept.  This looks like it's going to be a tremendous development.
  • Nest Cam Outdoor upgrades original Nest Cam with more rugged design

    I'm quite pleased about this.  I really like the Nest camera, and was contemplating getting one to put outside, but didn't like the fact I'd have had to buy a third party "weatherproofing" case for it.  Looks like this will solve the problem for me.