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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook urges employees to 'move forward together' in memo on 2016 presidential election

    redefiler said:

    When your boss has to tell you to stop arguing over team politics at work,
    that's a clear sign that your team politics are complete immature bullshit.

    Obama was an inexperienced, petty, self-aggrandizing clown, now there's just a different one.
    Grow the fuck up, America.

    In a normal company i'd agree with you, but Apple - being as they are - highly opinionated is in their DNA- design, marketing, policy etc - and with the vocal leadership they have - are probably almost exclusively "Clintonites" - They're the archetypal successful, wealthy, living in the tech bubble, unaffected by the issues Trump stood for.. it'll be a shock to them that not everybody thinks and acts the way they do. 
  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    Apple cares too much about margins now. They sacrifice the smaller things that were actaully good at making better user experiences for the Apple customer.
  • iPhone 7 owners say phones producing 'hissing' sound under heavy task loads

    Calm down everybody - it's the sprinkler system, which kicks in when the battery gets warmer. Designed by Samsung batteries.
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  • Lead times suggest Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro models are most popular

    Wake up guys! 

    Why does everybody assume that Apple  has produced than equal number of iPhones in each colour?  

    We have no idea which is the most popular as we don’t know how many were made. End of!
  • More than a billion people are using an iPhone today

     Above Avalon's analysis ”

    As far as I am aware it’s essentially a one man outfit. As such doesn’t it seen a bit ridiculous to write it like this ?
  • Inside iOS 10: Third-party compatibility opens up Messages to Apple's app universe

    Im going to be honest - I'm 31 and feel like i've suddenly become a pensioner. I dont understand this crazy with emojos and things bouncing about the screen. it seems so pointless and a waste of time. messages, for me, is something which helps me comjunicate quickly by firing little messages back and forth. Not composing a whole drawing /sketch or endlessly switching around emoticons. I honestly kbnow i'm out of touch but , wow, i didn't think i'd hit this stage for a few years within the Apple software world. I'm fine with payment integration and some smart bot type functions which faciliate a task, but all this kiddy stuff.. wow. i feel old!
  • Pundits believe Apple's Jony Ive no longer involved in iPhone, Mac product design [u]

    Makes sense.

    The next iphone - in terms of design - is basically a year late, for technical reasons, but the design will have been locked down since at least september. iOS ovehall is done, Mac - well, they didnt really do that. So yea, what do you think he's doing?  The rumoured on-off car - there must have been a design for that.  The rest, basically is iterative and he has a solid team.

    For what it's worth i dont thnk Ive will ever actaully 'leave' apple. He'll just sort of stay on nominally.
  • AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule pulled from U.S. Apple Stores

    The current gen stuff is now looking antiquated in a market full of more powerful and multi-antenna routers etc. Even ISP's who give them away (or rent them at a couple of euros a month) are starting to beat them
  • Watch: Hands-on video with Apple's jet black glossy iPhone 7

    The glossy black looks good in official photos etc, but i think in real life it wont be so good. I really want it but i think sense must provail..  Ill get matt black. 
  • Apple automatically uploading iPhone call logs to iCloud, forensics firm says [u]

    Completely agree that Apple's stance on privacy is ridiculous. Because they aren't honest and open. They boast -for marketing reasons no doubt - and then they caught red handed doing things 'for convenience - whether it be iMessage technical logs ("to help troubleshooting") or these call syncing. What Happens if you ONLY own an Iphone? Why woul d you want that data syncing? Why isnt it off by default? or clearly labeled? of course, it's not. LIke the rest of teh BS.

    And to conclude: they really wanted to do a good job of protecting customer date: they could by not theselves hold the iCloud backup keys

    I also think Most customers dont really want this obsession. For a start MOST Apple customers using iOS are ALSO Google customers too, and many will be Facebook users. So if their beliefs were so strong...   (which reminds me: Why does Apple continue to take money for Google to make Google teh default search engine, if they're SO opposed to the way they treat customers privacy?)