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  • IBM seeing great returns on over 277,000 Macs and iOS devices issued to employees

    6502 said:
    I love Macs and have had one at home for 25+ year. But, I rely on Excel a lot at work and Excel just sucks on a Mac, and it's just not worth emulating it when I can just use a cheap W10 machine.

    Ummm, no.  Microsoft developed Excel for the Mac, and later ported it to Windows.  It is still a native application in MacOS and “emulating” is not required.  If you really have had a Mac for 25+ years, you would know that Excel on the Mac used to be much more advanced than the Windows version and in more recent years the updates have not always remained in sync.  Given the capabilities of Excel for Mac, you’d have to be doing some rather esoteric edge-case tasks in Excel in order for the Windows version to offer any advantage.
  • Apple Park worth $4.17 billion, is one of the world's most expensive buildings

    mpantone said:
    apple ][ said:

    "Apple was reportedly the County's biggest property taxpayer in the 2017-2018 fiscal year."
    Forget that tiny county.

    Apple is one of the biggest taxpayers in the entire USA, if not the biggest.
    The Feds don’t collect property nor sales tax. They collect income tax.

    The state collects income tax too (at least here in California) as well as sales tax.

    The county collects property tax as well as a supplemental sales tax. Apple’s property tax assessment also contains supplemental parcel taxes for various state, county and city bond measures.

    There are many kinds of taxes and they don’t all go to the same place.

    Note that Santa Clara County is one of the largest California counties by population and thus in the nation. Moreover with the large amount of wealth (mostly from the tech industry) it is the most affluent county on the West Coast. It’s not such a tiny county.

    I think you missed the point.  Apple—via all types of taxes paid at the city, county, state and federal levels—is among the entities that pay the most total taxes in the entire country.

    It has nothing to do with the relative significance of Santa Clara County, which is one of 3,142 counties (including county-equivalents) in the United States.  Apple is a big taxpayer not just in Santa Clara County, but in many places and at many levels of governmental taxing authorities.
  • Low-end Intel Kaby Lake processors detailed, MacBook Pro version absent

    welshdog said:
    Does Apple still have an arrangement with Intel to get certain processors before other companies? In the early days of switching over to Intel they did have such an agreement.
    If Intel will be doing fab for the A-Series processors, maybe Apple would have included preferential access to Intel's processors as part of the agreement?