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  • Project Loon balloons bring LTE service to Puerto Rico with help from Apple

    If you're interested in tracking the Loon Project balloons, open the free, and add a filter for the prefix HBAL
    That removes all active flights except balloons from the screen.
    All the airborne Loon balloons have an HBAL prefix followed by a number.
    Then zoom in on Puerto Rico. Clicking on any HBAL### will show the last couple days of travel.
    In the attached image, I've highlighted HBAL237, 'loitering' over Puerto Rico.
    Airports are shown by the blue Location markers.
    HBAL aloft are shown in yellow.
    Clicking on one turns it red, displaying current flight info in the sidebar and the recent path on the map.

  • Apple planning 2022 iPhone SE upgrade, followed by larger screen in 2023

    Is Apple going to upsize my hands, so holding a huge device becomes practical for someone like me with small hands and short digits?

    A million devices a year is probably a rounding error for Apple, but there ARE a few value-driven old people like me who DO buy smaller iPhones, and do look to upgrade every few years.

    The 2016 SE met my needs at the time, and the 2020 SE meets my modest needs for a phone-and-snapshot-camera perfectly.
    An entry-level price point and years of iOS and app updates are added bonuses.
  • Google says it's bringing Apple-like privacy features to Android

    And consumer access to view or change settings on these wonderful new Apple-like privacy features will be buried up to nine levels deep across forty different apps within the Android operating system...
  • Apple modular Mac Pro launch coming in 2019, new engineering group formed to guarantee fut...

    Think "fleet of self-driving computers."
    1. The 2019 Mac Pro will be thinner, lighter, and entirely self-contained, with no ports, no expansion options, no displays, and no traditional user input devices of any kind.
    2. It will communicate its needs and the tasks it wants its users to perform using brain waves.
    3. Once delivered, it will unpack itself, recycling the packing materials and the delivery drone, and extract all additional energy directly from sunlight whenever required.
    4. It will automatically relocate itself to the precise location offering the optimum amount of solar energy within the existing building, until it can construct an optimized environment nearby.
    5. It will lead local grassroots movements to reorient government, commerce, finance, and zoning regulations in order to optimize the efficacy of these growing Mac Pro computing communities.
    The working slogan is "Mac America Great Again!"