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  • Apple manufacturer Foxconn aiming to fully automate factories in three phases

    This is exactly why Trump's promises of bringing manufacturing back to America are more likely to have a negative effect on jobs.  Not that it's Trump's fault, but promising factory workers that there is some great future for them is irresponsible at best, and dangerous on some level.
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  • Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever

    As is typical with Apple products, there is a vocal minority of complainers out there, never satisfied with some aspect of any Apple device. When Apple was selling the fastest, most powerful (fill in the blank device), the complainers said it was too expensive, or didn't have some port or drive that they just absolutely couldn't live without. As I've lived with Apple products going back to the original Macintosh, and supported them through lots of dark days, I kind of feel bad for Apple. They have been scorned for so long, especially by people in the tech (and financial) markets, even as they push entire markets and their competitors forward.
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  • Oppenheimer: Apple 'lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation'

    The problem here is that some people expect Apple to be releasing game-changing, groundbreaking new tech products every year. Making the iPhone faster, waterproof, with a better camera, screen, etc. isn't enough for many who seem to expect some wild new shape or case material, just because it's what they think is necessary for an item to be "new". Just like the frame-less screen demand, when it really doesn't do anything for your user experience, especially with a handheld item where your fingers are going to cover some of the screen. Other manufacturers in tech and in most other product categories are not held to the same standard, nor do we expect / demand that any automaker create some new hyper fast, oblong shaped, carbon-fiber-magnesium-fabric skinned car that floats and doesn't use any energy form. But it certainly feels like a vocal minority of tech-crazy people expect this of Apple.
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  • Apple's iPhone 7 handily outperforms new Google Pixel in early benchmarks

    I would bet that Rick Osterloh is having a Groundhog Day moment right now.  It's curious that Google bought and sold (and lost a ton of money on) Motorola Mobility, and then brings in the now former head of MM to try doing the same thing again.  And again they're offering a product (in the Pixel) that doesn't seem to be competitive - much like Motorola did.  If Google really wants to be in the hardware business, they better have a lot of money set aside and a dedication to spending years making product (including product that doesn't sell well - because you need failure in order to learn how to do things right).

    I certainly wouldn't bet money on it - they'll maybe give it 12-18 months before they reorganize and "shift" resources to other areas.

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  • Does YouTube's new dark theme save iPhone X battery life?

    I've been using YouTube dark mode since it was enabled on my X.  Can't say whether it reduces battery use, but it is easier to look at, especially at night.  As others have noted, I do shift to Smart Invert if I'm reading on my X in the middle of the night, as I often do.  In part it's easier on my eyes and doesn't wake my wife from the otherwise bright yellowish light.
  • Foxconn's $10 billion facility in Wisconsin for 'knowledge' and not large-scale manufactur...

    Kind of seems like the "big" deal and announcement of tens of thousands of well paying jobs in Wisconsin might have been nothing more than an attempt to provide both Trump and Walker some positive media buzz.  That may seem cynical to say, but there were a lot of people who questioned how a giant tv screen plant would ever make sense in Wisconsin and I guess we now have that answer - it doesn't make sense.
  • Microsoft looks to lure MacBook owners with $650 trade-in discount off Surface devices

    Just the photo of the finger / hand / arm outstretched and pointed at the screen of the Surface Pro tells me everything I need to know about what a BAD idea it is to make a laptop or desktop screen touch sensitive. This idea that it makes sense to have to hold your arm / hand / fingers up, unsupported, while touching a screen - but not too much as to push the screen back, while manipulating what can be very tiny on-screen elements, is just lunacy. There is a reason why Apple has stayed away from touch screens on anything other than hand held devices - because it's a completely idiotic thing. Once we move into the age of non-touch screen manipulation, it may make sense, but today, it just doesn't. And I'm not even getting into the mess of having fingerprint smudges all over a high res screen, that's bigger than a tablet or smartphone (that can be easily wiped with your shirt sleeve).
  • Apple, Samsung beaten to foldable phone by clunky Royole FlexPai

    One of the big issues with foldable screen devices, which is not mentioned in the article, is that the screen cannot be glass even in this large radius hinge example.

    Which means this device uses a thin film plastic screen, to allow it to fold.  And for those people not old enough to know what it was like using touch devices that had plastic screen surfaces in the past, there is a reason why almost all devices out there now use glass.  Not only will the plastic in the most stressed area of the screen eventually discolor, the whole thing is going to be far more prone to scratching - especially given the fact that the screen faces out.

    I totally get the desire for a device that would allow you to double the size of the screen, but I think the better use could be in making a laptop / desktop device, where you could use it in laptop mode, where one section of the screen turns into the keyboard / trackpad and the other acts just like a conventional screen.  Or when in desktop / consumption mode, you fold it open flat to create one large screen.  In a case like this, you could have glass covering 90% of both sides of the screen, with the hinge area being covered in a clear plastic, since it wouldn't be touched normally anyway.
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  • Foxconn and Wisconsin renegotiate factory agreement, future of project uncertain [u]

    You know the republicans made this deal knowing full well that they would blame democrats for the eventual failure.  What’s so bad is that there are a bunch of people who thought there was actually going to be 13,000 jobs paying $150k annually. 
  • Titanium and ceramic Apple Watch variants spotted in watchOS 6 beta

    kenaustus said:
    I'm still waiting for Apple to do something with liquid metal and it seems that the Watch would be an interesting use.  IIRC, LM was supposed to be easy to fabricate so it would seem that the important factors would be cost and durability. This assumes that Apple has not given up on Liquid Metal.
    I think the big selling point of Liquid Metal was that it was effectively an injection moldable metal.  The problem they had with it was related to being able to make large enough products.  I believe what was happening with anything bigger than a sim ejector tool, was that the metal was cooling too quickly within the die or even the injector, meaning you couldn’t fully form pieces without some crazy heat management process and ultra expensive dies.  I could be wrong, as it’s been years since I read about the tech, but I do have a bunch of injection molding experience, but the differences between metal and plastic make it understandable why we haven’t seen any LM products on the market.