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  • Samsung's cylindrical ArtPC Pulse computer apes design of Apple's Mac Pro

    There seems to be a smoke related theme. Perhaps their design department needs to lay off the cigarettes.  :D

  • Samsung's cylindrical ArtPC Pulse computer apes design of Apple's Mac Pro

    cali said:

    Is it me or does it sound like the Samesung actor is faking his accent?

    Well, a true Brit would pronounce the word as 'A-lu-mi-ni-um' with the extra 'i'. 
    The actor instead pronounced it, the North American way, without the 'Aluminum'
  • With Apple's 'iPhone 8' rumored to ditch home button, 'Galaxy S8' leak suggests Samsung fo...

    Perhaps these home buttons were the cause of Samsung phones overheating and combusting.

    But seriously, all phone makers should focus on safety before UI, curved screens and slimmer form factors. 

    king editor the gratewatto_cobra
  • No, Apple did not switch to USB-C on its new MacBook Pros to profit from dongle & adapter sales

    Given people have different connection needs, one solution would have to include a voucher to claim a USB-C to "x" adapter inside each box. 
    Printing out a voucher (heck, make it an online PDF), is cheaper than including an adapter someone might not even need or use.
  • Apple press event coming week of March 21 with new iPad & new 4-inch 'iPhone SE,' said to lack 3D T

    Meanwhile Apple computers remain ignored for another month. 
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  • Apple Watch still holds top smartwatch sales spot, even with short Series 2 availability

    mike1 said:
    Sales would jump dramatically if there were a couple of compelling non-fitness benefits or apps, just like with the first iPhones. People already had phones for talking and primitive texting. These days we already have plenty of ways to tell time. Now we need other reasons to buy a watch.
    I still think they're prices too high. Drop them $50-$75 and there's less hesitation in buying one.

    Although many of the higher cost ones are a result of the ridiculously priced bands.  
  • Angela Ahrendts attends Apple Store grand opening at World Trade Center in New York City

    Apple needs to go back to focussing on customer experience rather than worry about the decor. 
    The local Apple store here in Toronto is just the worst. 

    All the Apple employees either helping at Genius Bar (or whatever they call it now) or huddled in the back area.
    Meanwhile only two or three to be seen on the floor answering or helping customers.
    None of the iPad Pros worked with the at least 5 groups of customers left frustrated.
    I finally waved an employee over and he showed me that you had to pair it up by plugging it into the lightning port.

    It feels like the old days when Apple computers in Sears stores left to customers to figure out.
  • Apple brings coding to the iPad with Swift Playground

    jasenj1 said:
    I guess I'm old and jaded. As a professional software developer I find it really hard to believe coding on the iPad will produce anything "real". Maybe it will give people a taste of breaking a problem down into steps, working with picky syntax, and introduce some other basic software production concepts. But compared to XCode, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, and other "real" development environments, Swift Playground seems almost delusional.
    You're not old and jaded. The examples she showed hid all the programming complexity that will be required for that stupid little buddy to stepForward [determine obstructions, raise up and down., etc] that would be necessary when coding your game. It gives kids a false sense of understanding something that has never been solved: removing the complexity of programming to do the simplest of crap your brain and body do subconsciously.
    I agree. Mimicking by copy and paste is not learning. It's like math...sometimes you can simply plug formula to solve something...but what happens when you can't?  
    True learning is understanding concepts behind what you did.
    That said, this may very well get some kids interested enough to dig deeper.

    Programming to the general lay person is not simple. Not unlike a few years back when Apple showed how easy it was to build an app with Xcode. They then proceeded by showing huge lines of code being cut and pasted. It's just the way it was presented. It's just a bit exaggerated.