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  • Apple's 2023 CarPlay is an Apple Car preview - and is scaring Detroit

    jetpilot said:
    Has anyone yet considered the possibility that this new CarPlay IS the "apple car" project?
    I felt this way for a little while, and it's even more obvious when considering this upcoming extension.  An Apple Car in the traditional sense may not be needed if the company's strategic objectives and vision are realized.  This theory seems aligned with the frequent departures of high-profile staff - those now realizing the goals may not be to deliver an Apple Car, but rather be part of the critical infrastructure inside all cars.  This approach might not appeal to some industry superstar engineers that aren't excited by the prospect of being 'only' a component and not the entire platform.
  • First M3 benchmarks show big speed improvements over M2

    timmillea said:
    5nM/3nM = 1.6 recurring, suggesting a move from the 5nM process to the 3nM process would yield a 67% improvement in speed/power ratio. We are not seeing that.

    Not accounting for other changes and just looking at the size reduction ratio alone, I think the math would suggest that 3nM is a 40% reduction of 5nM, so maybe a 40% increase in speed?
  • Apple MLS Season Pass subscriptions have doubled since Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami

    lmasanti said:
    Being a non-American resident/citizen… pardon my ignorance on some habits and things.

    What does this mean?
    “Season Ticket Holders will get one free access pass to the MLS Season Pass.”

    I understand the last part ‘MLS Season Pass’ as the Apple TV+'s subscription.
    But… ‘Season Ticket holders’ is something of a subscription to the physical stadium?
    And what does it means ‘one free access pass’ —maybe one game in Apple TV+?—.

    (Sorry, in Argentina, where I live, we use quite different distribution methods)
    As an American resident/citizen, I don't know what was meant either.  I wouldn't think you need anything more than one MLS Season Pass, at least for one household.  Perhaps that single access pass is for a single Apple ID / Family account.  Regardless, I'm definitely considering singing up as a result of Messi going MLS - exciting!
  • Review: Apple's new iPad mini still nails its niche market


    I have the same exact mobile setup as you, and agree on all fronts that it is a great combination.  My setup goes a bit further, as I have an iMac Pro, and latest Mac Mini and MacBook Air.  As a pro iOS developer, I use all devices most days and am quite pleased.  Having the right tool for the job was an investment, but pays dividends daily in productivity and low friction in all my use cases.