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  • Peloton could be bought by Apple to boost healthcare initiatives

    snookie said:
    Yeh, Peloton has a subscriber base of primarily serious exercise enthusiasts (many of which likely wear Garmin watches -- so they won't incorporate well into Apple's ecosystem).

    Beyond that, what does Peloton have to offer that Apple doesn't already have and, in many ways, surpass?
    No.  Lot's of people use Apple watches with Pelotons which Pelotons promotes heavily.  I did get a laugh out of "serious exercise enthusiasts with Garmin watches" though.  Not even close to true either statement.  Apple could improve the quality and service of Peloton bikes, which is needed, plus tie it into Fitness plus at a great cost.  It would be a win win for both.  But not sure Apple wants to deal with making exercise equipment.  Peloton needs Apple a lot more than the other way round.
    Seems like most of you commenters don’t actually have Pelotons.  While Apple certainly doesn’t need their kind of inferior interface - one of you is correct the value to Apple is getting MORE integraron into Peloton not less.  So far the inability to fully integrate Apple products into Pelotons equipment is lame - totally lame.  ONLY the Apple Watch integrates HR and calories/mileage but that’s the extent.  You can’t “cast” to your HomePod sitting next to your bike or tread.  DUMB.  Or to your Apple TV to watch Peloton classes in your living room instead of trying to from your bikes monitor.  DUMB.  

    But yes - it’s the active lifestyle market that IS Apples most important connection and Peloton has a small piece at that table.  Their talent and extensive classes are very valuable.  And remember didn’t Peloton buy the gym equipment company as well? Name?  Precor.   

    Oh also - Pelotons operate using ANDRIODs software which is horrible on their devices.  Obviously that closes off Apple easy integration to existing hardware.  

    So - Apple would never buy their hardware. For what??  But would be great is a buyer that FULLY opens the Apple ecosystem to seamlessly integrates it like logging in, creating a Peloton account, using Apple Fitness, AirPods, HomePods, Apple TV, your Mac or bikes and treads that just work from your iPhone screen or dropping your iPads on them.  That’s where it makes some sense.   
  • Atlas 6 Dual-Band mesh review: a beginner-friendly way to add mesh networking to your home...

    I STRONGLY suggest people avoid LINKSYS at all costs.  Omg.  Total nightmare.   Their “technical support” is ALL off shore and you’ll spend HOURS and DAYS on the phone with them bc of issues with other HomeKit devices.  Also Linksys / Belkin is really now Foxconn… and I promise you this equipment is made to allow hacks into your system. Their “authentication system” is a DISASTER and 1000% hackable.  Anybody but this company.  Seriously. Remember people - these “gateways” are the way into your homes.  So choose your gateway wisely.