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  • Mark Zuckerberg voices support for Apple in encryption row, but FBI is winning public mindshare

    Bdoober said:
    Apple, known for its cut-throat business practices and superior attitude, is wrong on two fronts. First, it is actively obstructing justice and obstructing the investigation of a mass murder. Second, it's fundamental argument is the "slippery slope" argument. Even beginning debate students and those in Logic 101 know that the slippery slope argument is consider an invalid argument on its face.
    Obstructing justice?  Really?  Are you sure?  Obstruction of justice is actually a crime and no one has accused anyone at Apple of it.  The FBI is asking Apple to write hacking tools for them.  Is it your sincere belief that anyone should be compelled to do whatever is asked of them in order to help facilitate an FBI investigation?

    I agree slippery slopes seldom are.  However, the one place that is absolutely not true is when it comes to legal precedent.

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  • Samsung's cylindrical ArtPC Pulse computer apes design of Apple's Mac Pro

    perkedel said:
    Does it detonate?
    Dang, got to be fast around here.
  • Apple's Tim Cook, Jony Ive among most influential people in automotive tech

    Please stop using that ugly concept car picture for anything. 


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  • Banned Dash developer accused of nearly 1,000 fradulent reviews, Apple says

    This in no way represents what actually happened, here's a recording where Apple tried to blackmail the developer into forcing him to say that Apple didn't do anything wrong in order to get his Apps restored: https://blog.kapeli.com/dash-and-apple-my-side-of-the-story Now we get this PR statement directly from an Apple mouthpiece accusing him of being fraudulent when they know and acknowledge that he wasn't behind closed doors. Disappointing behavior on everyone involved.
    Actually they gave him an easy out and he refused.  (ok not refused, but made a bonehead move that might void the deal).  It was certainly not blackmail.  He said the accounts weren't really linked.  Fine, explain that to everyone.  Publicly unlink the accounts and we will reinstate one.  Apple actually hasn't done anything wrong so they really had no need to blackmail him.

    I don't know why the Apple spokes person decided to release a statement in the middle of all this, but it does not mean he should have blew the chance they gave him.

    Edit: Clarified the refused part of my comment
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  • New photos show possible Lightning-equipped EarPods for Apple's 'iPhone 7'

    I don't understand why Apple would remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. I like to charge my iPhone while it's plugged into my Marshall Stanmore speaker. I know I could connect via Bluetooth, but I don't want to listen to degraded sound quality. There is no question Bluetooth quality has improved drastically, but it's still inferior to wired sound. 
    I agree 100%.  I don't like the move either.  I keep think there must be some aspect to this change we don't know yet.
  • Apple TV won't get Amazon Prime Video until Apple agrees to 'acceptable business terms'

    Since Apple doesn't charge developers a cent to have their video subscription services on AppleTV, we can see Amazon's idea of "acceptable business terms", involves either handing over iTunes account information or paying Amazon a stipend. 

    Or,  Amazon wants to also be able to allow users to rent/buy videos on the Apple TV without a 30% cut going to Apple.  It is not a big deal on iOS since you have a browser on the device.   Amazon has no interest in iTunes account information.  All they want is for users to be able to push the buy/rent button on movies or shows and then use their already setup Amazon account information to pay for it.

    if Apple wants everything purchased in any App Store app to pay them 30% that is their choice. Apple wants to prevent erosion in books, music, and video.     If Amazon doesn't like those terms it is their choice.  This is the reason I have not upgraded any of our 5 Apple TVs and just bought a few fire sticks instead.  We have bought any new movie purchases from Amazon for a while now,since their App works on every platform and their streaming performance is quite a bit better than Apple's.

    One day this will resolve itself.  Neither company is evil because of their position.  Bezos calling Apple's position bad business practices is obviously ridiculous,  

    If it was just about Prime video streaming this would be over already. It has nothing to do with prime.