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  • New 5K iMac GPU configurations at least double best performance of MacBook Pro

    No build to order GPU upgrades on the highest iMac though! I got the highest option when I spec'ed my machine up and I am running the last gen with the 395x, hmm now I no longer have the newest model, but still not too shabby since I up spec'ed and have been rocking this for 18 months. 
  • Apple rolls out first public beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave

    I am tempted to try this, I mean there isn’t much super intreasting in this release but I really wanna try goth mode but I don’t know if the beta’ishness of this release is worth it.
  • AT&T, Verizon join firms pulling millions in ads from Google, YouTube over hate, terrorist...

    Isn't this just laziness on the advertisers part by not actually doing the work and specifying what content they want to market alongside and rather treating it to much as blanket advertising and sponsoring any video?

    I thought the whole point of this form of advertising is that you can target better than traditional advertising, but a lot of these companies don't seem to get that and just pour money into the system then complain when there advertising is linked to content they don't like.

    I watch a lot of youtube and it's a certain type of content, I see adverts for stuff that is just so irrelevant to me it's silly. I listen to a lot of metal and rock and I get a lot of adverts for pop music, surely it's just someone stupid doing the marketing assuming someone anyone watching music videos on youtube needs to see there advertisement...

    If this is not the case.. then this is simply the problem youtube needs to solve, better tools for targeting advertising so advertisements don't get linked to the wrong content. Also this would increase the value of their ad business so seems silly they wouldn't do this.

  • 'Hello again:' Apple sends invitations for event on Oct. 27, new MacBook Pros expected

    Hmmm I love Apple annoucements.... haha but I a really hope they don't annouce much in terms of iMac's.

    Hoping for just a spec bump this year. Just bought an iMac 27", i7, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd and 4gb 395x graphics and hoping it doesn't get anything that makes it outdated too quickly! Planning to keep this machine for 5 years +