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  • Apple denies iPhone X failed in onstage demo, says Face ID feature worked as intended

    Well, as for the keynote presenters, I think Phil and Eddy should not return. They read from the TelePrompTer as if they’ve never seen the text before ... it’s been this way for a few Keynotes now. Phil in particular also looked bored when describing the iPhone 8 ... you could tell he just wanted to discuss the iPhone X. I’m not saying they are bad execs ... but neither convey enthusiasm. Clearly Craig, is the man for these events ... you can tell he lives and breathes Apple, and deeply understands what he’s talking about.

    As for the Face ID fail ... that note on the screen was obvious at the time (I.e. PassCode required ..), I just assumed the phone had been rebooted (that’s when I usually see that message) ... in any case, people reporting it as a Fail are simply looking for something to criticise. The X is gorgeous! Will be pre-ordering as soon as my carrier lets me!
  • Compared: Apple Watch Series 7 versus Apple Watch Series 6 versus Apple Watch SE

    Beats said:
     Crappy updates this year.
    Marginally bigger screen, marginally brighter, marginally tougher screen, marginally thinner case, marginally faster charging = crappy. 

    There, fixed it for you. Oh, and you forgot heavier. 

    But you’re both right, it’s both pretty uninspiring and about what we should reasonably expect for every 2 out of 3 years or so. I think we all agree, it’s mostly a matter of whether you’re a glass half empty or half full kinda person.

  • Apple predicted to launch 16-inch MacBook Pro this week

    You had me until you cited Forbes ... then I stopped reading. Seriously guys??

    Anyway, will buy one when they’re announced, and not before!
  • Apple debuts colorful 24-inch iMac with M1, upgraded camera and audio

    keithw said:
    To a lot of users, an M1 Mac Mini with a 5k display (or even the XDR like I have) will make a lot more sense than this iMac.
    To a lot of users, the new M1 iMac makes more sense than a Mac mini with a separate display. Great that Apple serves both kinds users, eh?
  • Netflix boasts 37% share of Internet traffic in North America, compared with 3% for Apple's iTunes

    I don't care about traffic. What about profits?
  • Apple Fitness+ will offer workouts on any screen

    Beats said:
    Why is this service limited to only certain regions?
    The music, I'd guess. Music and entertainment companies have all sorts of regional restrictions for reasons, I guess.

    What about language barriers? Maybe they're still translating for other regions?
    Yeah, I'm rather annoyed at this ... plenty of us in Europe would love it, even if only English is available. But I suspect Apple doesn't like the optics of selling this is countries and not supporting the local language. Hopefully they can localise the content quickly, and offer this more widely, but given the track record with Apple News, I'm not holding my breath (different issues though, for Fitness+ Apple is in control of the content).
  • Data shows 62% of Apple TV+ subscribers are on a trial, most don't plan to renew

    I basically agree with GeorgeBMac

    I find it odd how people value things. At under $5/month, this costs less than a latte. So if I get a even just a few hours of entertainment a month, it’s basically worth it ... sure some of it isn’t my style. Also, despite vast content libraries, my GF and I often search NFLX and AMZN for hours trying to find something worth watching once we’ve watched the (good) original content  (which also isn’t that much these days). But the total price of subbing to AAPL, NFLX & AMZN is so trivial compared to other things people spend frivolously on. 

    One exception: Disney+ is the least impressive, in my view ... a great back catalog for those under 14. The Marvel movies are fine, but we’d all seen/bought those before D+ came out. Once I’ve gotten around to bingeing Mandelorian 2 (which is decent, but not exactly epic) I’ll likely dump that. I’d literally rather have a latte.
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    Apple needs a base in the EU, it's a massive market (Britain, not so much). This will get sorted out, so just chill with the knee-jerk "We're not gonna play with you anymore" comments, ok?