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  • Editorial: When Apple is 2 years behind you, put your things in order

    g-news said:
    TL DR, who are you trying to convince here? Basically the article states that the last time Apple pushed out some significant innovation was in 2014. It's nearly mid 2017 now and still no sign of updated desktops. Apple is turning into a services company, but their margins strategy is still one for a hardware company with 100% control over the manufacturing. They're having a really hard time signing contracts with content producers or even just working outside the US. All fanboyism aside, this is going to bite them in the butt rather sooner than later.
    lol, this article exactly stated that whenever other companies said "apple is doomed" they were in trouble within few years... 
    now you are saying it that "this is going to bite them in the butt"...  :p
  • Editorial: When Apple is 2 years behind you, put your things in order

    wow, nice article... 
    its easy to forget what apple has done till now and what they have plans for the future as the media keeps showing apple is going down almost every day... 

    enjoyed reading this article.. thanks.

  • New $329 iPad includes support for the Apple Pencil, A10 Fusion processor

    Difference between iPad and iPad Pro is almost none now so I think this years iPad pros will bring Face ID to stand out. Maybe even oled screens. 
    Still in love with 2017 iPad Pro which is so speedy in launching apps n regular use. 
  • Google keeps trying to hammer on Apple for not adopting RCS

    65c816 said:
    One of the subheadings in the article is "RCS isn't the answer". I'm pointing out that if you're going to say that RCS isn't the answer, it's useful to say what is.
    I disagree.  I can say death isn't the answer to life, but it doesn't mean I have any alternative.  There is always the possibility that there is no useful answer.  Sometimes, life sucks, and that's all there is to it.

    What? Are you saying there's just no way that iOS and Android users could possibly communicate better? MMS is peak technology? Pack it in and shut it down because there's no way to improve the current situation!
    ios and android users already communicate with each other with multiple apps like WhatsApp, telegram, line, wechat… why are you asking if there’s no way for iOS and android to communicate with each other when all these options are already available??
  • Express VPN Aircove router review: an okay router with neat VPN tools

    I’ve been using asus rt-ax88u as my main router with Ethernet backhaul mesh (2 rt-ax55 routers)… I tried plenty of vpns on that like ghostvpn, expressvpn, nordvpn (openvpn protocol) and I was getting speeds around 150mbps. 
    Switched to Surfshark vpn which supports wireguard protocol and now I’m getting around 400mbps speeds. 

    Plus ax88u supports profiles which means you can select which devices uses vpn and which devices can avoid vpn and just use the local internet. 

    I love asus routers they have plenty of options and I highly recommend to everyone.