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  • Review: Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    Here's the problem. If anything goes bad on the motherboard, it's a replacement. Yea it doesn't happen often but the biggest issue is the SSD. What's the expected life of these? From Phil's comments, you should be upgrading every 3-4 max. If you're outside the one year warranty and SSD goes bad, new motherboard at the cost of what? 1k? When I could pick up a Samsung SSD for $150 on Amazon?

    Point is, who hasn't had a hard drive/ssd fail on them? If it does, it's a throw away device at that point. Just to re-iterate, it's not about the backup or data itself, it's about the cost of fixing an SSD failure.
  • Only months after launch, 'Disney Infinity' ditches support for Apple TV

    sog35 said:

    drewyboy said:
    For my watch, I'm going to be getting Fitbit. I need to be very honest here, I have not own an Apple Watch, I do ask my coworkers quite a few question about it, but still, have not used. I will probably get V2 to finally have a hands on say, so my opinion on the watch is from a non-owner but researching perspective. I understand the when it comes down to personal use, it varies wildly, but for me, it seems a basic Fitbit will accomplish all that I NEED a watch to do. When AppleWatch V2 comes out, it'll experience the what it "can" do on top of my needs.

    For streamer, Roku hands down. Only thing I miss from my now sold AppleTV, is the screen mirroring. I hardly used it, but it was very handy when I did.

    Apple really has started to lose favor with me. Maybe it's because Jobs was really good at creating the "distortion field", maybe it was because they really did great things, but regardless, I no longer am wowed by most things Apple puts out. If I was an investor, I'm not sure how I'd feel, probably torn like you, but since I'm strictly a consumer, I'm looking elsewhere for things.
    Fitbit is the better pure activity tracking device hands down. Much better battery life also. I own an AppleWatch and think its a decent device. I wear it every day but not sure its worth the $250 I paid for it.

    What makes Roku better than AppleTV? 

    If Jobs was alive I have no doubt the Watch and AppleTV would be much better than it is today.
    1. 4k
    2. Apps for eons & with Amazon Video
    3. Cheaper
    4. Gig ethernet
    5. Remote w/ headphone jack. (Seriously, how hard would that be for Apple to put that into the AppleTV remote app for the iPhone)
    6. Roku had the above 4 for the last 2-3 years. They actually know they need to stay ahead of the game to stay alive.
    Oh, and #7. Not trying to sell the ability to move an icon in 3D as a feature. When I saw that in the keynote I cringed. I felt bad for the gal that got that put on her bullet points of things to show off.