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  • Exploit hidden macOS and app features with the Option key

    Nice about copying the path! My all time favourite shortcut involving ALT, which I have never seen mentioned anywhere but use every day: When you use Cmd + Tab to switch to a different program, it wont show if it is minimised. But toggle to the program you want, let go of Tab, while still holding Cmd, then press Alt and let go - now the minimised program gets maximised. If you do it on the Finder it will open a new window for you. So handy and its become second nature to me now.
  • Leaked plan shows Intel will try to be more efficient than M1 Max by late 2023

    Nowhere does the leaked slide say Intel is targeting m1 max.  Alder lake already beats m1 max at many tasks. With arrow lake-p, Intel is targeting whatever chip apple will have in-market in late 2023/early 2024. 

    What’s not mentioned in the slide is arrow lake-H. Intel’s p-series are it’s low power series. Intel’s h series are it’s high end mobile chips that offer desktop class performance. 

    If an intel low power p-series chip beats apple m2 max or m3 max, then the h series will have even more performance still. At a higher wattage of course.  

    My take: Arrow lake-p seems to be designed to match a similar performance per watt as apple’s m series chips. Arrow lake-h seems to be designed to leave apple in the dust. But only time will tell. The benefactor of this competition will be us, the consumer. 
    The headline of the article clearly states the goal is efficiency. So why do you talk about performance? And please enlighten us on your insights on M2 max and M3 max..
  • How to connect Apple's AirPort Express to any router to make an AirPlay 2 streaming target...

    Immediately went online and bought a used Airport Express for 50 bucks from someone literally down the road from me. Setup took about 5 minutes. If you buy a used one, do this: Connect it to your router with an ethernet cable connecting it to the ethernet port with the arrows on the Express. Press the reset button on the Airport Express for a few seconds till the light starts blinking rapidly. Now it should come up in Airport Utility and you can set it up as a new device. Choose the option to join a Wifi and if you select the one your Mac is connected to, you don't even have to enter the wifi password. Then its smooth sailing using the instructions from the article. You can change the Airplay Name it shows separately from the Base Station Name, which is neat. Streaming to Apple TV and newly acquired Airport Express simultaneously worked straight away. Thank you to the exec at Apple who okayed this update and Appleinsider for letting me know :)
  • Availability shrinking for LG UltraFine 5K Display at Apple Stores

    Are any of you using the 27" 5K iMac? Would you find the display comfortably legible if it were placed roughly the length of your arm away from you, or maybe even a little further? Other than being able to fit more things on the screen at once, is there any real benefit to 5K over 4K at that size? Would I maybe be better off with 4K monitors in this application?
    I have been using 27" LG 4K Monitors (27UD88-W) with a Macbook Pro at work for quite a while now. They are great and I can't see any real difference in resolution compared to the 5K variant. You can adjust the scaling of UI elements to suit your need, so again in that area there wont be any real difference between 4K and 5K. One big difference is, that the 5K LG is glossy, while the 4K is matte finish. I actually prefer the matte version, as there is almost zero glare or reflections. You just need 1 cable from the Macbook Pro for signal and charging, which is nice. I sit fairly far away from the monitor, about 1.5x arms length and have no issues.
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  • Availability shrinking for LG UltraFine 5K Display at Apple Stores

    I really hope they release their own monitor again. The old ones were great when they came out. Just give me the slim iMac design and size and I'm happy. While you're at it, build in an Apple TV, so it can function standalone and I can just airplay to it from an iPhone or iPad. Not asking for much seemingly..