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  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    wood1208 said:
    Apple,you are business and while holding privacy Ethics torch, at the end of day you are a business to make money for shareholders and employees.  Stop this die-hard privacy triumph. Most people outside USA(may be some Europeans) don't even care privacy long as you sell your products and services cheap. Sorry, Money talks,walks, and everything else for most people in world...
    How many people on Apple products related websites like Apple-insider,9to5Mac,MacRumers,etc come and say give me privacy at any cost ? Most say, Apple products are expensive even thought they like to own.
    No idea where you get that idea about Europeans. After all, the EU gave us GDPR
  • Apple TV+ signs comedy star Sharon Horgan to first-look deal

    Jay Hunt is a woman so this should read “...where in 2015 SHE commissioned Horgan's Emmy-nominated winning sitcom "Catastrophe."”
  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    It all looks very impressive. I was hoping for a return of the 12” MacBook, or at least the mooted below a 1kg system. So I’ll hold off in the hope we get one or the other. I’m sure the tech abilities will mean a lighter Air, or similar, at some time. 
  • Apple issues iOS 13.2.1 update for HomePod following bricking problems

    My Home app has shown 13.2 since release and after it was pulled. Hitting Update has update requested indefinitely. Still showing 13.2 with no sign of 13.2.1. Any idea how to shift it onto the latest release?
  • New iPhone-powered color balance feature compatible with older Apple TV models

    For those with a 1st gen Apple TV 4K then, what reason is there to upgrade rather than simply buying the new remote?
  • Redesigned colored MacBook Air shown off in new renders

    Seems to me more probable, given the iMac design language, that the outer shell of a new MacBook would be the darker shade, with the keyboard surround the pastel colour next to the off white bezel. 
  • In defense of Apple's iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

    Japhey said:
    I’ve got one and it’s replaced my wallet. But I am disappointed with the quality. All its done is be in my pocket. Not got wet or dropped. The stitching has repeatedly covered in what I can only imagine is glue from the wallet that has maybe sweated out from warmth of the pocket. I’ve picked it off but it’s a bit unsightly and I wonder if that’ll make it less durable.  Ow I’ve found the lining has separated at the top from the layer that protects the cards from the magnet, so metal is exposed. Am tempted to take it back to the Apple Store but wonder if they’ll just shrug. 
    If you have an Apple Store conveniently located nearby or plan on being around one, then I would definitely try to return it. Because that should not be happening this early on. Chances are, they’ll blame it on user error. But if it costs nothing to cheek, you might end up pleasantly surprised. 
    Thanks very much to you and Stompy for your replies. Apple are sending postage to return it and will then ship me a replacement. I hope it is just an issue with this one as I've not used my old wallet since getting the Magsafe in November.
  • Redesigned colored MacBook Air shown off in new renders

    Not a fan of the white keyboard. Looks pristine when new but will quickly get grubby with constant use. That and that alone would stop me buying it. 
    Well, to be fair, the desktop magic keyboards have had white keys for years. Agree they show the dirt more than the MacBooks but they’re easily cleaned.