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  • Linux the choice for schools??? HAHAHA! A 3rd grader using Linux.... riiiight. Maybe in computer science departments and many areas of higher ed, but in K-12, forget it.
  • Good lord Belle, what do you want Apple to do? Monitor its users and when it sees them pirating music and burning CD's say "Stop that! No more iTunes for you!" slap em on the wrist and just disable the software? Apple should not be responsible f…
  • I think Moki said this earlier, but just doing day to day work on a 1.6 GHz P4 system can feel slower than a 500 MHz G4 at times. I can vouch for this personally with my TiBook compared to my friend's 1.1 GHz Dell Inspiron. I've also used the 2.2 G…
  • TigerWoods, I'd wait until you see some real benchmarks with these new systems before you start rattling off how the Athlon and Pentium "wipe the floor". There are a couple where these new G4s will wipe the floor with them, so don't be so negative. …
  • Oh lord. Here we go again. "iPod is too expensive!" "It will never sell!" "Apple is going to lose its ass on this!" We heard all about this when the first iPod came out, and within 2 months Apple had sold over 125,000 of the things. By now I'm s…
  • If you have Final Cut Pro you can do the same effect with still shots and do a cross dissolve into your next clip for the exact same effect.
  • I think Avie and the X engineers could figure out hierarchal dock magnification. Avies' practically a genius. It would be cool if the tiny desktop windows would update live too, kinda like QuickTime movies. I think this is a feature we will …
  • If anyone is running Toast Titanium 5.1.2, it has a live status bar in the dock under the icon while burning the CD. I think it's nice and should be utilized by more apps.
  • Glitchy OS? Have you used Windows XP? OR any Windows for that matter? Yes, Linux is great if you know what to do with it, but OS X compared to Windows, at least with all my experiences, is by far less buggy and more reliable to get your work don…
    in OS X 10.2 Comment by tarbash March 2002
  • I understand Starfleet. It was just an idea. Kinda interesting though how the releases mirrored the time passed by on the clock though. (Hours = months)
    in OS X 10.2 Comment by tarbash March 2002
  • Could we assume that 10.2 will be released, or at least SHOWN at MWT? Think about it. March 23 (?) 2001, 10.0 was released. Then 6 months later in September, 10.1 was released. Steve stated that OS X was at 6:00. 3 months later at MWSF, with mor…
    in OS X 10.2 Comment by tarbash March 2002
  • I think Apple is clamping down on leaked builds big time. No leaks in almost 5 months is pretty impressive.
  • Yup. Use a iBook/500 and a TiBook/500 side by side and you'll see for yourself.
  • I think 10.2 will be free, except for the $19.95 shipping charge, just like with 10.1. We probably won't have to shell out any $$$ until 10.5. But yeah, it would be great to hear about some new builds of 10.2. 6B11 is SO last year.
  • This is trivial, but i still can't play anything at games.com! Maybe it's IE's fault in OS X and not the Java.
  • I own an iBook/500 with 384 MB RAM, and a TiBook/500 with 512 MB RAM. OS X runs ok on the iBook, but it's nothing great. The TiBook of course runs OS X like butter, but I have used a lot of 600 MHz iBooks, (My mom has one and I've had to set some up…
  • I've seen 10.2 6B11 all over Carracho. I don't pirate stuff from there, but was wondering if anyone here has given it a shot.
  • I still think if they ever do a TV ad it should have James Earl Jones' voiceover and end with "Introducing Mac OS X. The most advanced operating system in the world."
  • For people who have used this, when you are controlling other terminals, is the screen redraw painfully slow? I'm on AirPort, so maybe that's it. I hope it's faster over a wired network, because if not, the remote control aspect is a joke.
  • Hmm. "Image Capture Studio" maybe? Apple seems to be big on "studio" apps lately. - DVD Studio Pro - AppleWorks Studio You get the idea... iPhoto, iPicture, iPic, they all just dont sound that great in my opinion.