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  • The way I understood it is that the HP will be rebranding the Apple iPod as it's own. I can't see Apple allowing HP to rework the hardware and morph it into something that doesn't resemble its original. I Apple realizes that everyone knows that th…
  • I was giggling to myself when I was watching the ad on Apple's site. Putting the iPod in the ad was a really nice touch. Can't wait until the 24th.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Akumulator Nah........ you can just use this . If the iPod were to expand.... I think the next logical step would be a color screen. And I think that photos would be the main purpose for this (at first)..... in con…
  • I would love to be able to link my digital camera up to my iPod via Firewire cable so that all pictures I take will automatically be stored on on the harddrive. The reason for this is pretty simple, with teh expanded storage available on the iPod y…
  • Quote: Originally posted by G-News I hear you guys: Order Date: 30/10/2003 Then did nothing for a few days until it suddenly said it shipped (two 12" iBooks). Now it's been hanging around in noodle-land for days, aparently, but I really …
  • Quote: Originally posted by ajaysongs The response I had there seemed just as baffled! Here's what my memory's up to with Dreamweaver open. Wired : 46.78MB Active :115.58MB Inactive :89.86MB Used :252.21MB If you haven't done so alr…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Macvault I ordered a new iBook G4. It shipped Friday night PST from Tiwan. The FedEx tracking says it was received at the ramp (after cutoff time), but now it's sunday and it still says the same thing. I payed $15 for …
  • Will the 900MHz iBook run Panther? I'm not sure if that's been said or considered. I would like to get one but I won't if it won't run Panther.
  • Just FYI. Best Buy is retooling their site right now. My friend works at the store in Willow Grove and said the Macs are definitely coming in this week. Take that with a grain of salt though.
  • I'll be there the day it opens! I like the KoP store but they definitely need a full size store (w/ theatre) in this area.
  • Another reason why Microsoft sucks: IE Worm From C|Net: A vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer could result in the creation of a serious Internet worm, security experts have warned. Read the story. Very interesting
  • Actually it's only 5 letters MacGregor. You used W and Y twice. Just kidding. Looking forward to Groverat response to you. I've had my fun with him already. Now it's someone else's turn. Go get em Groverat!!! To arms, to arms!!
  • Quote: Originally posted by der Kopf AppleLuva, you've just experienced the ... special thing which is known to us as groverat. Don't sweat it, he does/has done this to most of us. I know. Nothing personal taken at all. You have to respect …
  • We obviously have different opinions.
  • A software update every few months is understandable with any product. Security updates every other day or week is not. I, like many on this board, are sick of having to add patches to our systems on a routine basis to cover up holes in their soft…
  • Groverat: I feel for you my friend. You're obviously a very angry man with a somewhat eschewed agenda. Again, I'm not taking shots. It's just a discussion thread. Not an attack on you, your knowledge base, or your logic.
  • That was a good article. Thanks for posting it! Ive Rules!
  • I think we're all pretty sure at this point that Apple will be intro'ing the new 15" Powerbook. Even all the analysts are saying it. I doubt that it will have a 970 in it though b/c it will take away from the 17" and the 12". I'm pretty sure …
  • quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no other company in the world that puts out more defective products than Microsoft. -----------------------------------------------------------------…
  • Well it seems the Mods are having fun with us! Enjoy gentlemen, ladies, whoever you are!