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  • I've noticed they have these "100 calorie packs" where they package a 100 calories worth or say, Oreos or something. But they charge like 3 times as much. I saw like 4 ounces of M and Ms for $2.50. You could buy a one pound bag for that.
  • If someone was going to find a way for an Asian American to be a major character, I don't think it would start off with Hollywood movies. HBO has much more ability to create great characters. I could see them coming out with a show that makes an A…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Splinemodel He is known as a devotee to the christian religion and also the right to bear arms. Neither of these positions make hypocrisy of favorable opinions on evolution or interracial relations. It's only a fract…
  • If there was money to be made by casting Asian Americans, then the studios would attempt to make it, as every other industry attempts to improve its products. Does the OP think that the studios should cast Asian Americans in roles if they think it …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Akac I assume you say this because you disagreed with his political views. Typical liberal: Nobody can be any good unless they agree with you. And to think, you guys think you're the "tolerant" ones. Virtually every…
  • I remember in the back of comic books they had ads for stuff that seemed to good to be true. Glasses that could look through people's clothes. This submarine thing that you could put under water and have it travel by itself and really cool rockets…
  • There was this product called Tuna Twist that you put on tuna fish. It was seasonings and stuff. I really liked it when I was 11 and can't find it anymore. But who knows, maybe I only liked it because I was 11 at the time and might not like it to…