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  • heh. looks like I solved my own problem. I forgot about how privilages effect the directory structure. I was attempting to lock a test folder inside of a folder that the user had privilages to. I guess it didn't matter what the privilages were for…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kickaha If the user is a member of the group 'admin', then they have r/w permissions. I've looked and the test user isn't apart of the admin group. Get info shows the user is only allowed to read.
  • Alright, so I screwed up the terminology. When I said Home Folder, I meant just the top level folder that bears the user's name. This would sacrifice the ability to create new folders in only that top level directory with benefit or protecting the o…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Barto Ahem. There is a difference between 64-bit memory addressing (which the G5 doesn't even have) and 64-bit INT precision, and 64-bit my ass. There is another bonus of extra precision at much reduced performance cos…
  • One of the nicities about RISC is tha fact that it's designed so that compilers can easily generate optomized code (As opposed to CISC, which is designed for human optomization). In general, a simple recompile of the code specified for the G5 archit…
  • Apple isn't the greatest at inventing new devices or peripherals. I don't think the company has the bugdet to make new gadgets. What they do have an amazing knack to do is to grab seemingly random standards and technology and put them together into …
  • My new Mac will be called Lachesis after one of the Greek weavers of fate.
  • I honestly can't wait the five weeks it'll take to get my new mac. Though there are two points I'd like to make. One) M$, being stupid as all get out, still had the ability to patch this sucker a MONTH before the worm was even released. Sad, but…
  • I'm pretty sure the beta was set to turn itself off after a certain date. I may be wrong, but I know that the Safari Beta turned itself off on the lab computers, saying the beta expired.