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  • Has anyone managed to install the Tiger SDK on a Powerbook? I tried to install it on my 15" Aluminum powerbook but got a kernel panic. If there is a way around this I'd sure appreciate a tip. Thanks in advance.
  • I have found the aluminum case to be much more durable and scratch resistant than the soft polycarbonate shell of my old iBook (which would scratch horribly if you looked at it the wrong way). However, there have been some problems: The kensington…
  • I spoke way too soon about 10.3.3 improvements. The system is still really sluggish compared with 10.3.1. It sometimes assigns the wrong icons (for instance, a dmg mounted and became an iPod. I have had persistent crashes with Mail, Safari, iPhoto…
  • The 10.3.3 (build 7F24) seed required 275MB of space on my Powerbook! And I know everything on my Albook was up to date before I installed this update. As it happens, the new version of Safari (1.2 v125) is indeed included with the 10.3.3 update. …
  • Safari has also been buggy about icons, often displaying the wrong icon for a file (a jpeg represented with an application icon, for instance).
  • 10.3.2 has been significantly sluggish for a number of people I know. Read the Apple discussion forums. There are myriad reports of constant beachball hangs and application crashes (Especially Mail and Safari). I even know people who have had com…
  • The speed of QE will obviously be effected by the amount of video RAM in your iBook, but let me say unequivocally that Panther is FAST. Each build I have run has just gotten faster. Even without all of the added features I would be willing to purc…
  • Sorry. I meant iCal!
  • As of iChat 1.5 (v549) in the 7B28 Panther build, there still is no sign of a feature like this.
  • The finder is very buggy in 7B28. The Finder crashes frequently. The top of the finder window is too narrow, so if you drag bottom-labeled folders up there for frequent access the label is cut off. I have noticed that dragging files out the left …
  • Panther is very impressive so far. The look and feel (subtle changes to fonts and graphics) is great. The speed is very impressive (honestly makes me feel as though I suddenly have a faster processor). Expose is fun, though I have to change the c…