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  • Quote: Originally Posted by MusLtngBlue I ordered on Monday, June 11, the day of the WWDC Keynote. Hmm, I ordered on 6/8 and I could still cancel my order yesterday. As a matter of fact, I did just that and I picked up a stock machine at my A…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by MusLtngBlue Just checked my order, and add me to the list of people who can't cancel their MBP. That's cool! And when did you order???
  • Getting information on this out of Apple is downright impossible. Either they really do keep their employees completely in the dark, or their employees are as stupid as they seem. Or they train them to act stupid, but I've never gotten any kind of…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by mdmendoz I placed my order (for the 15"/2.4ghz/160HD7200rpm) through my academic department and the campus computer store says that it should be arriving next week (i.e., 7-10 business days from the day I ordered which…
  • I still don't get why the 17" ones are shipping though, unless the drives are different.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by wirwzd My guess would be 4-6 weeks from when it was ordered JK, I am waiting for the same thing and it's killing me too. Especially so, as my powerbook display decided to stop working a week before the release …
  • Quote: Originally posted by twinturbo While this may not get me any points on this board, and we can dice all the disappointing benchmarks any way we want, I think we're eventually going to have to realize that the G5 sucks . . . for now :-) …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Gee4orce ??? The Dual 2GHz machine is the one that's touted as the fastest in the world. Not the single 1.6 GHz To say that it's 'only' up to par with the middle of the road AMD systems is complement indeed - when y…
  • Hey, does it come with any cool new Apple stickers? (this is the important stuff!) ;-) What brand is the SuperDrive?