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  • Quote: Originally Posted by shady104 im a little worried BT wont be included with the new ipod since its not even on the iphone. but i was wondering how many people actually want it there. personally id love to be able to use wireless headphones …
  • I've been waiting for a BT trackball for what seems like forever. I was hoping that the MacMice - The Ball trackball was going to be the answer (no such luck). I use a Microsoft explorer trackball currently and couldn't be happier (unless it was BT …
  • This is where Apple needs to be looking. Please see the competitions entry: Look likes Intel has set its eyes on the laptop arena! And who said only Apple produces stylish laptops. Codenamed the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook, this prototype laptop …
  • I currently own a 12" 1.5ghz powerbook & I'm anxiously awaiting an update. I'd like to see the 12" come back in to the fold.
  • Quote: Originally posted by zfmt sweet eh! but does anyonw know if it has the usb ports in the keyboard? 1st Runner up: Keyboard Video iKeyinfinity Homepage
  • Quote: Originally posted by slls Does anyone think there's a chance that a new newton product is in the works & is being mistaken as a new apple product (the yet unseen tablet)? Ok then what about an Apple (pvp, pmp or pmc) product ~ som…
  • Here is a little something I found on the web that may be of some interest to this thread.
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  • I'm thinking about buying an Imac & I Just wanted to get some thoughts from other users on the possibility of a 20" imac coming (Paris) ? if so what are the chances on 400 & 800 firewire ports, usb & usb 2 ports, gigabit ethernet &…
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