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  • For any laptop battery it is good to charge it then let it run down... then recharge... Good cycling of the battery helps. :-)
  • Yeah i am definately a big mac fan... i have a G4 450 looking to upgrade... I have also been a pc user for much longer... and i was just trying to understand in compairison. I think i have pretty much made up my mind on a new Mac...just saving som…
  • Woah really? I went to the apple store this weekend....and didn't see em on there ...maybe im nuts... or blind! lol thanks! Something as small as that helps. You say ram isn't a big deal on the 12"s ...I asume same can be said for the 15 and 17"s?…
  • ACK! I'm an idiot! i ment 10.1.5 ugh! ...sorry I thought the same thing... but believe it or not... i have no "more info" button! hehe thanks tho i was able to find it under the right folders tho! yay!
  • I know I really didn't mean to start the pc vr mac threads.... plenty can be said for both. okie... Yeah I can definately agree that mghz isn't everything... like i said my G4 450 has held its own in photoshop time after time that my p3 800 would…
  • Quote: Originally posted by torifile A kick butt Dell laptop for $800? Do you mean [you'll] kick [your own] butt [for buying such a POS] Dell laptop? I see. If you want to keep your computer for some time, get a Mac. They last longer on avera…
  • hehehe I get looked at funny when i talk to designers about using a pc instead....most i know rave on mac heheh but you might be right its getting pretty spread across the board between mac and pc in the design world these days..... hmmmmmmm
  • Yeah, I have a 21" Studio display I'll probably hang on to.... and most likely give up the puck and keyboard with the G4.... I'd much rather have the new keyboard/ mouse :-D
  • Yeah I agree about having another machine.... currently i have my G4 and a PC.... i would like to upgrade to say a G5... but right now the need for a portable outways the tower ;-) I am a student in design... and over the past couple of years the …