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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Placebo Oh wow, I didn't even know it did display the location, that's damned cool. Would it work on flights from the United States to Europe? Actual radar tracking is only available for the portion of the flight th…
  • Flight Tracking outside of the continental US is just not feasible yet, sadly. The reason that US-based flight tracking software (like FlightAware) is possible is due to the government making that tracking data available to industry. No other coun…
  • I have an MX1000 for my PowerMac. It's a great mouse, but it requires a large charging stand/transmitter and I'd never want to have to haul it and the mouse around with my PowerBook. The charging stand/transmitter is at least as large as the mouse…
  • That's a great point ravenpen. The economics of applecare are completely skewed by the fixed price for the applecare kit. The Applecare price for a dual 2.7GHz powermac and 30" display is the exact same as the price paid by someone buying a sin…
  • The extended warranty is a bit better of a deal if you're buying a system and a cinema display together. The applecare will also cover the display for at no extra cost as long as both items are on the same sales receipt.
  • Hang in there. Mine got bumped from the 4th to the 13th and it shipped out today. I think in this case they're pretty honest about that "on or before" line.
  • Anandtech compares the two Barefeats compares the two There's no clear answer (well, unless you expect to miss that blocked PCI-X slot or you need to run two 30" displays) between the two. I went with the 6800 in my recently-ordered powermac mo…
  • Maybe it's the 400gb drive? I'm also delayed until "on or before the 16th" with the weird replacement of identical hardware. My config is: 2.7, 2x512 ram, 400gb drive, 6800 Ultra, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. My cinema display arrived Monday, w…
  • Quote: Originally posted by hugodrax Wow I thought any MAC OS based desktop in Redmond was grounds for termination. That would sure make developing Office for Mac a hell of a lot harder.
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  • Erg gaaf!
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  • Quote: Originally posted by hmurchison The more time we spend yapping about dual core pentiums and opterons the less we are being productive. I'm guilty to. I wouldn't have damn near 5000 posts if I was out capturing more video and getting ready …
  • Quote: Originally posted by cubist You've been extremely fortunate. I've heard many horror stories I dunno. I've heard some horror stories, too (maybe even the same ones). They can be breathtaking, but not enough to make me forget that old a…
  • Quote: Originally posted by cubist If I was going to study abroad, in another country, including airplane flights, you can be sure I'd take a laptop I didn't care much about. My TiBook has flown over a quarter of a million miles in the two an…
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  • Yeah, I've long-ago sent this exact feedback to Apple. Quicken for Mac is truly awful in comparison to the options available in Windows. I tried to use it for a few years, but I've since migrated back to Quicken for Windows. It's the only app tha…
  • Quote: Originally posted by LoCash I've said it before... SimCity 4 is one of those games that is going to be fun in about 12-18 months I think you've got it exactly right. It makes me wonder what kind of monster systems the developers at asp…
  • Quote: Originally posted by T'hain Esh Kelch You must have done the 'hack' wrong then, because the update (almost) just fixes that bug on TiBooks... I'm quite confident I did not, thanks for the slam, though. Jeez.
  • The update helps, yes. The game is playable after patching to v1.0.1. It's not /fast/, but it's playable. After a few minutes, the sluggishness feels normal. Thanks for the link.
  • Even with the hack mentioned in that other thread it's completely unplayable on my 1GHz, 1GB 15" PowerBook. Total waste of money. I'll never play it with it as slow as it is.