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  • quite fugly and bulky if you ask me, but no one did so i'll keep my mouth shut.
  • iAlertU seems to be a solution when leaving the laptop in public for a short period of time. what if my flat gets a break-in and i never had a chance to lock it down? or what if my bag was stolen? iAlertU seems to be a deterrence factor, don't get m…
  • of course it's best not to get stolen, but those who got their laptops stolen never had a say in the matter... no matter how hard you lock it down, some ppl are just that determined.
  • this is exactly what i want to know too. i'll be picking up the same notebook in a week or so before the ipod rebate expires.
  • Quote: Originally posted by alcimedes the other possibility would be that you are wearing a watch that is damaging the computer, or something along those lines. no, i don't wear any metallic objects on my hand, it's completely bare. i don't t…
  • thank you brad. i think i'll disable filevault seeing as though i don't have many vital files other than backuped photoshop files. thanks again
  • this girl wrote a fun blog about spam http://www.livejournal.com/users/amelify/7887.html
    in spam Comment by lemonaded January 2004
  • this girl's entries are quite good too... if anyone's interested... http://www.livejournal.com/users/amelify/
  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/mylai/ she wrote a short story about a piano and a photograph of something she wrote on her typewriter. excellent stuff
  • Quote: Originally posted by ShawnJ Proud rarely-updating livejournal user. so let me make a good use of it! pretty please!
  • i'm using macjournal to write and i can't seem to get it working with blogger for some reason. so i wanna try lj
  • the wifi router i set up at home doesn't have much range once i step outside. i forgot how to go through the security features, i remember i had problems with it so i turned it off. i mean, if the range ends outside my walls, it should be ok, right?
  • i haven't really noticed any other ipod users in downtown toronto. i never saw another pair of white earbuds walking down the street. but it sure gets attention when i pull my 10 out of the cellphone pouch on my bag to change the music. i can sense …
  • Quote: Originally posted by RolandG Too bad, I was hoping for Janie Porche... What I think is odd about the ad is that there is no Apple logo - except on the PowerBooks' lids obviously - and no www.apple.com/whatever. i was thinking that t…
  • i do have a good solid oakley backpack, and i need a soft case to use inside that bag so that i don't scratch it against other stuff in there. i bought another oakley shoulder bag for pb but it was too small! hate it when that happens. anyone want a…
  • wow.. i didn't think statics could do so much damage.. yeah, it's really cute but made of soft fleecy fabric. neither of us ever thought of static when making it... so i told her how i can't use neither pouches and she says she'll make me another se…
  • here's mine, custom desktop img i made in couple of hours last night, taken from a manga http://lemonaded.com/pics/desk.jpg and here's the original illustration, with my own textures and colours http://lemonaded.com/pics/lazy2.jpg
  • funny, i sold a similar model just 2 days ago to pay for my powerbook 17 that came on the same day. mine was -g4 450, 27g hdd, 1.2g ram -15" lcd studio display -6x8 tablet -misc peripherals -speakers+sub woofer -plus all the apps i had on th…
  • i have powerbook 17 with 2x drive, i tried to burn on 2x dvd-r, toast 5.2. i got the error several seconds into burning. no i haven't tried burning at slower speed
  • ok i finally got my peanutbutter17 yesterday and i'm just so giddy!! i used all yesterday to caliberate the battery and install apps on it. i can't so far find any flaws like white spots or dead pixels. hope it stays this way.. but it does have the …