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  • Hmm, ?Irish1978? let?s see here. Your family comes from a place of renowned English Literature writers, i.e., S. Beckett, E. Bowen, C. Dunne, C.S. Lewis, J. Joyce, B. Stoker, et al? Yet, for all your justifiable pride in your heritage, your abov…
  • I just want to know one thing... Just how in the heck does Ray Charles aim his gun? Huh? Just for the record, no one ever answered my question on how Ray Charles flew that jet in that other sucktastic movie, Stealth.
  • G, If you and your lady-love ever make it out here to Califonia, you must, you must make a point of taking at least a couple of days to do the Napa/Sonoma tour in any of it's many forms. Anyone who enjoys good wine owes it to themselves to visit th…
  • As a long time(from the beginning...) Raider fan, I always keep my tin hat handy. The officiating was pathetic. Or was it? Maybe something else was afoot. Nawww. Super Bowls will SELDOM live up to the hype. It wasn't a bad game at all if you take…
  • Hassan... chicken
  • Bienvenida young lady! Don't take it personal when young over-homonized male-Mac-geeks (most of A.I.'s members...) make lewd comments. This forum is a little better behaved than most. Don't be afraid to contribute any thoughts, ideas or question…
  • Good stuff people. midwinter, I already complemented you on the LOST wiki on the "Friday night..." thread. However, I'll say it again, awesome work man. Now, adamrao brings up something I meant to put in and I'm sure the DVD collection will ha…
    in Lost Comment by hardhead November 2005
  • Hide Full Of Fleas is pretty much the embodiment of "yuk" herself...
  • Well, they've arrived... What a technological snooze-fest ay me buckos... However, gotta admit the new towers kick-ass... oops, diferrent thread.
  • Gheez, that's some tragic as well as macho/stupid crap...