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  • the iM3's (according to have a lot of bass, which isn't such a bad thing. But what I'm really looking for is volume & portability, then clarity.
  • perhaps they should sell OSX components.. sort of like Y'z Dock, but Apple-branded software... :P Can you imagine how many people would want something like the cool screen-savers or shifting desktop images...? Or just the dock... or safari :P
  • You can look at it like this: this is just another way for Apple to help out some third-party company. I'm sure somebody will develop a remote-control for Apple. A remote-control isn't a device that Apple needs to put excessive investment into.…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Paul does what you ask and more... works great even if you don't have a laptop... may I ask why you want to disable the key? oooh! this works just perfect!!! my c…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Paul may I ask why you want to disable the key? [/B] My olaptop keyboard is busted, so that if you press either shift or ctrl, both of the buttons will be input... i have a wireless keyboard, which works fine... a…
  • once i spilled snapple all over my PC Laptop, ... removed the batteries immediately, unplugged all power, and i doused it with rubbing alcohol. i thought it was pretty much doomed, but it eventually turned on again after 9 days of letting it dry ou…
  • Quote: Originally posted by produkt My question is simply, is it difficult to use a Mac in a pre-dominantly PC world? For example, if i wanted to send programs/documents/etc to a friend using a PC-is it at all possible? I don't have intern…
  • get three 17'' powerbooks
  • Quote: Originally posted by murbot No, but I'll send you some Junior Mints. score
  • quick, somebody patent simultaneous key clicking.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Aquatic For free! Well then definitely get the regular! What's better, a little smaller, or 15 wopping gigs. The difference in size is small compared to the change in storage! Imagine it like this: You could b…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ipodandimac works fine here ditto
  • dopesauce, you guys are ub3r. deunan
  • Quote: Originally posted by Existence I'm waiting for someone to port an advanced CAS system to Pocket PC. Their processors are really nice now (up to 624MHz) and compact flash is getting in the gigabyte range. Ideally, I'd want a Maple/Mathma…
  • Quote: Originally posted by psgamer0921 I have an oppritunity to get either an iPod mini or a regular one for free. My question is, from those of you that have both, which one would you choose over the other? I don't have 1000's of songs, but …
  • there are some companies that make illuminated USB keyboards, but they're not that great because they have lots of excessive glow that you can't adjust or turn-off... quite annoying. deunan
  • [QUOTE]Originally posted by billybobsky yeah i figured you didn't have a good reason... [/QUOTE
  • Actually, i go to the geekiest school in the nation, lol. There's also a difference between being immature and simply not caring. Two words: CHILL
  • Quote: Originally posted by GreggWSmith Ok, I got my hands on a Palm Tungsten C and I do like it but it seems really unnessasary. I have a G5 and a 12inch PB. I take my PB almost everywhere so I am not sure I need the Palm. I use it to sync m…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Scott Does it have a scientific calculator? That's what I need. How big is the screen? Next? Can i take a math exam with it? Next? Next?? Can it fold my laundry? Next? Will you ever get a girlfriend? Next?…