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  • Quote: Originally Posted by reliason 41 minutes in and... completely underwhelmed. The only 'cool' bit out it is the 10 hours of battery life. I dunno, it looks pretty great to me. I think you should at least handle one before you rant.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by addabox "Apple A4 chip"? Yeah, WTF is that?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Cube. Big time. Ditto. Bring on the new MBP.
  • I need the new MacBook Pro now! I will not buy an old one, need a new one.
  • Quote: Originally posted by KidRed Unless I missed something, why are you such a di©k? Dude that's Kim Sol, the dude who worked on the plastics for the orginal iMac, so show some respect!
  • Quote: Originally posted by Placebo MAC MINI UPDATE LEAKED W/ PIX stupid
  • We need to enlist the help of kormac77, he has been talking about this day for a long time, and I am sure he is in the know.
  • Quote: Originally posted by kormac77 I think wait is Over. Let's enjoy the new era of APPLE. And New iStation & i****v2 use Intel chip because Intel has chips which it have CPU + Graphic + Wifi capability in one chip set and add DNA co…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kickaha Kormac, you dog. Now where's my redone API, eh? What say you for WWDC K-Man?
  • Quote: Originally posted by onlooker You fool. Do you know when that idiot said he was making the plastics for that thing? It was like 6 years ago. Oh yeah, the k-man knows sh*t. Sorry but I believe you are confusing him with Kim-Pak-Sol. K-…
  • Quote: Originally posted by murk Praise be to Kormac! The i**** cometh! Yes sir! The K-man once again opens the eyes of the non-believers.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Not Unlike Myself As for my assurances... (which believe me my Merlion you do register as someone I feel the need to explain myself to)you can forget MY assurances... So what you are saying is you can not provide me…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Not Unlike Myself On that note, I have assurances that any news Apple may have would NOT depend on news coverage of other things. You have assurances from whom? I'm sorry sir, but you do not have a well establis…
  • Yes, you see the K-man was in fact right! The day was today, but the Pope coverage poo-pooed it. Keep on posting K-man, don't let these people get you down. oh yeah... dance away because technically Komrac was correct. Quote: Originally…
  • Man get off Kormac dude! He HAS been right on before on keynote information. I am sure you can go back and find it if you weren't too busy calling him names. Good day Quote: Originally posted by onlooker Your such a ^?$@#!($ Kormac wil…
  • Once again K-man thanks for the insider info. Please stop feeding Think Secret and only post here. Thanks.
  • K-Man! I must say I think your information is correct: =============================== Steve: One more shouting, you might be fired!. Well we need Unisex name which Nobody can guess what it does contain, I think I can call it "iPod". W…
  • Quote: Originally posted by TednDi OK kids file this one under "The memory HOLE" Whatever happened to those trinity Rumors.... and what about this thread.... given cell is going to…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ensign Pulver And this needs its own thread why? In fact it should me in a new thread. This is a monumental occasion! This dude knows what he is talking about. It looks as if it is indeed the new G5 iMac!
  • Quote: Originally posted by live4ever Page Sender works much better than the built-in Panther fax IMO. Yes, but it looks like it does not have the abilty to drag and drop multiple word docu…