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  • do those keep it cooler than the original? my 2.5 (with nap turned off) will heat up my room like I had the heater on. works well for the winter, but during summer, it almosts makes it painful to use the computer.
  • it'd be a little tough to hold and dial with one hand, being rounded at the bottom and all. I'm sure that if Apple came out with a phone, it'd be something that we haven't thought about. There is more to success in an Apple mobile phone than jus…
  • [random post] if anyone is interested in selling their K750 to someone in the states, I'd be very interested in purchasing it. I'm hoping for semi cheap but seriously, we can make a deal if someone wants an iTunes phone and it's not available…
  • Oh come now, like I'm going to take the word of a Target employee, who probably can't even tell me where to find motor oil.
  • Quote: Originally posted by fred_lj This is a really dumb question, but -- as I don't know the answer -- what happens when you have to do system re-installs, etc. -- if HDD crashes (God forbid) or whatever? Is Bluetooth functionality built-in to…
  • I used the Apple bt mouse for a while, but wasn't really satisfied with the weight that's added with the battery. I don't like having a heavy mouse. Maybe because I've grown used to this little scroll wheel mouse that I stole from work
  • yessum,it's real and it's spectacular.
  • Yeah, that's what I've found. I saw a card for around $150, which is a little bit more than I'd like to spend on this box, seeing as it's a temp fix before I get a G5. I'll just connect to a crt and be happy I guess.
  • I did a little bit of research and found that it's not a Samsung display. It's actually a Danish comany called Eyegonomics (or something similar). The 24" is around $3500, which is grossly out of my budget. And for that price, one could get a 30" di…
  • Ha, isn't that how it always works though? I hate the feeling of walking in there so helpless like some total idiot, only for them to do what I had already tried with success. Glad to hear it worked out though
  • Anyone know if thats a real display on the EyeTv site, or a fakie of some sort? Also, I've heard that there is a lag time if you hook up an Xbox to that thing. Anyone know anything about that? n/m, reading their faq is always a good idea.
  • Not a very good headline either. I'd kick a copywriter in the ding ding if they brought that to me.
  • First off, did you try and reset it yet?