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  • [quote]Originally posted by ZO: this would be where and how? Quark? You must have missed the earlier stuff... final cut pro 2.
  • [quote]Originally posted by nav3: Mac OS X Eggs... This is kind of an egg, Hold down Apple+Shift when you minimize a window. Slow mo is kind of cool to watch. Easter what? No No Steve we swear it's a feature!
  • [quote]Originally posted by crawlingparanoia: prutz11, How dost thou summon this Yak thou speaketh of? To Lure the most wonderful beast from hiding ye must follow these steps... ctrl (or right)-click the grey field just above the frame-count…
  • [quote]Originally posted by MacAgent: If you hold down Option in the About iTunes window, it reverses the credits. What have we become?! Maybe Steve is trying to keep our software smaller than Microsoft's... I heard at one point there was a fl…
  • [quote]Originally posted by macway: it comes with Office, I got my copy today Whaaa why don't they have it for download?!!!! Someone want to put the iDisk to use... It's freeware right?
  • Friend at the apple store says it will be in stock tomorrow.(Sat)
  • Some bad news for those of you who enjoy using your Contour Designs Shuttle Pro. I emailed asking if the drivers would be ready when I got my copy of FCP 3 in the mail (for X)... answer- "We will not be showing OS X drivers until MacWorld in Janu…
  • OH NO! I just had a thought.... is Contour Designs going to be ready with drivers for my shuttle!!!!
  • Though Final Cut Pro is superior to iMovie by design, it is exponentially more complex. I have a belief in using the right tool for the right job, and in many cases iMovie fills the needs of a project. There is simply no faster way to slap something…
  • Would you believe the battery on my palm is completely dead? That's right my poor palm is dead (for now) because of it's makers. O' Long for the day when syncing was never a thought. -Will
  • Okay sorry for the double post but soulcrusher changed the title of his topic and I want the answer fast.... Â*Â* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ OH NO! I just had a thought.... is Contour Designs going…
  • How many converts is this one gonna get us.... Oh... you have to wait for it to render... on my apple it's real time...
  • [quote]Originally posted by The Rootwitch: I just saw that at the Apple store, but when I click on it it still goes to FCP 2. HAHAHA! I saw it to... refreshed and it was gone... whoops I guess they posted a bit to soon!!!! YEAH FCP 3!!!
  • There was a beta behind the apple firewall about 1 month ago for a VERY brief time. I heard that it would be final by the end of the year... Now would Apple hold it till Macworld? Sure.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Mike Eggleston: I like it already!!! And with what looks to be a colored metal outside, it really looks sharp!! I do think that if they went this route, they would have to make the base bigger to accomidate the CPU…
  • Hey James... Thanks for all the keystrokes. Good work. -will
  • [quote]Originally posted by JFW: How about solid-state storage, about 15gb. I can't even begin to tell you how badly I want this. How is it we have not seen more use of solid state storage... cost yes... but I'd rather not think about that.