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  • As has been pointed out in the above posts, a 'prosumer' machine is either a prettied up consumer model, or a stunted pro machine. Between the 20 inch iMac (with G5 coming soon) and low end Powermac, there is little room for product (or price) d…
  • Is anyone really surprised? Initiating tax cuts while racking up a hugely iressponsible deficit MUST increase GDP, ceterus paribus. However, such GDP growth is illusory. If you binge, you will suffer the consquences...sooner or latter.
  • Update: Dubya made his speech to the UN Assembly. The most notable thing about the speech was not its content, but the silence it was greeted with. Dubya's rehtorical question "Are you with us, or against us?" seems to be answered.
  • "OMG i had my flower taken without my consent! Gimme a handout or I go to the mediiaaa!"
  • Both sides are too quick to dismiss each other as 'terrorists' or 'anti-semite'. Each side has legitimate grievances. Due to the inept way that the Brits, the UN, and the US have acted since WW 1 (Brits promised Palstenians sovereignty, then rene…
  • These G5s are the best thing since digitized porno
  • To qoute a famous Aussy... Some of u would complain at a funeral.
  • Fricken killjoys Ur argument for the release of an alternative product is as compelling as YO MOMMA. But I guess this is temporary insanity so anything goes...
  • mmmmm serial ATA mmmmmm 8x AGP 3d (pro?) cards mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm butter
  • Having had a few minutes to consider it.... Unbelievable upgrade. After a megahertz drought that threatened to kill the Mac once and for all...the Heavens open. Oh how lush and welcoming this new land will be.
  • Kinda feel bad for Stevo though...first time Canada releasing that pic of his beloved iMac a day b4 San some careless web dude stealing his chance to create the biggest bang since time begun. oh well…
  • ******news flash***** From: sJobs To Hung Daddy iWear = Brenner frames Integrated telephony (Place where planes land and take off 3), G# interconnectivity + polarised copper trast lens ******Confirmation: pending****** SPARKLE! …
  • We don't nee no H8s We just tryin' to live together... Engineering = maths + physics > square root^England! kidds these decades APPLologists!