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  • I have heard of the "compatability" of RAM chips on the stick with the G5s. The staff in the local store told me that they only use RAM sticks with Samsung chips, some of the Kingston DDR400 use Samsung memorys on Kingston boards. So far they don't …
  • Someone know the latency and the chips of RAM which is shipped with the stock iMac ? I have bought a pair of Samsung 512MB DDR400 CL3 which is technically with the same specification, speed and latency. But the iMac won't be arrive to the shop I wil…
  • hi tonton, you are from hk too ? hi earthoandy, I think I will possibly go for the 20" now and save bucks for the AppleCare later. I have been to a shop today and they are showing only the 17" 1.8, but this time they have installed 1GB or RAM…
  • What is the reason for those who have ordered and received your 17" 1.8 to choose 17" but not 20" ? I'm interested to hear from you. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the information PB, I just notice the specification of the iMac on Apple homepage which state that the different of the panel, I'm likely to stick with the 20", get a gig of RAM in it, and save a bit for the AppleCare before the first yea…
  • Agreed. I have just back from the store have it touch and played for while. The one I tried was a 17" 1.8 with 256MB RAM. The first time to have it feel in person is -- it just right. The enclosure is really really well built. The angle of the…
  • I see. I have just phone the shop and they just got the machine. I will get there and have a look!
  • Yes, it's around US$400 different between the 17" and 20". This can do a lot. Is that really a great difference when using PS/FCE2/iMovie between 17" and 20" ? Another problem you out and I didn;t aware of is the double sized HDD(oh I just realiz…
  • I didn't order since I can get some discount for 5 percent something like that for a cash price. I'm located in Hong Kong, which is really close to the manufactour, which is Taiwan as I heard. But the shop I'm going to buy from tham said the iMac…