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  • Oooo very funny one: Mac Advert spoof and another Mac upgradability Actually - YouTube is great - I sense a late night of random videos... if only there was a way to watch them on my tv.... (damn this laptop gets warm!)
  • Quote: Originally Posted by bdj21ya ... However, every now and then, there is a small scale short that is just golden. What would we do without such masterpeices as "Brokeback to the Future" and "Brokeback and the Goblet of Fire"? They are gre…
  • Hmmmm all this chipset swappery doesn't sound like a product whose release is imminent.... Grrrr.... guess I'll have to stick with my shuffle for a while longer!
  • Quote: Originally posted by melgross The Constitution guarantees you the right to wildly speculate. It also guarantees us the right to call it unrestrained blather. I never said it was anything else!
  • Whilst the "changed everything" quote makes me think it might be something exciting - its just going to be the moto/itunes phone. But..... 1) iPod Home - 250GB disk made in partnership with BOSE 2) Apple as a cell network with iTunes subscriptio…
  • Quote: Originally posted by arlodesign I already know what the first one will be: Shake. The system requirements call for a three-button mouse. Someone mentioned a trackpad on the top of it. What about a small iPod-like scroll wheel with the t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by iDunno They only just updated the iPod line, I think it is too soon for them to release a colour screen 60 giger.... True, but they also reduced the number of iPod sizes available from 3 to 2
  • Quote: Originally posted by schmidm77 iPhoto on PC, ehh? Why don't they just port iMovie and iDVD over to Windows also and remove any reason for consumers to switch to a Mac? Exactly my thoughts when I saw that. My guess is that there will b…