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  • [quote]Originally posted by drewprops: Since this thread started out in General Discussion, imagine my amusement to see it locked this morning....eventually tracking it over here. Actually I'll have to agree with Yet Another Registration about t…
  • I think the censorship is silly. For one thing, if somebody wants to pepper their thoughts with expletives, I say let 'em. Just like in real life. It gives you a better idea of the intelligence level of the "speaker." For another thing, it's i…
    in Censorship? Comment by spotbug June 2002
  • Off until I get to, oh, 300. Then on. Then off again when I get to, let's say, 1000. Not on again after that. So, basically, only on while I'm between 299 and 1000; in that range, the count says, "hey, I've been here a bit, but I'm not c…
  • 9/30 phone call not for Serial Number The contest rules clearly state that the contest runs from 8/26/02 to 12/31/02. It wouldn't make any sense to make the start date 8/26 if you couldn't enter until making that phone call on 9/30. Why wouldn't …
  • [quote]Originally posted by New: well, well, at least it was a couple of fun hours... Why can't apple post clues like this about the G5? especially with such easy answers... You figured out the Serial Number?
  • [quote]Originally posted by New: and then there is the serialnumber ofcourse... got any idea spotbug? Nope, still clueless.
  • Hint: Once you have the first four keys, the last two are very easy to get using Google. After you have the six keys, you'll wonder WTF the "Serial Number" on the entry form is.
  • Does anybody know what "Serial Number" on the entry form is? Is it a continuation of the puzzle (another key), or am I missing something obvious?
  • Stolen from MacRumors thread: 3. Nc3dxe4 4. Nxe4Nd7
  • I suck at these puzzles, but has anybody tried translating the first two keys (e4c6 and d4d5) into the old chess notation format as in that chess picture? I tried "q4kb6," "q5kb3," "k4k5" and "k5k4." They were invalid. I was just guessing at the …
  • [quote]Originally posted by Mac Voyer: No product is worthy of that brand of zealotry... except, or course... for my Microwave by Sharp! A PRODUCT WHICH HAS NO EQUAL AND THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD BE USING. LONG LIVE SHARP!!! I realize you we…
  • The big, 120GB drive: "Bigfish" The small, 20GB drive: "Littlefish" I've always named my drives <something>fish
  • What happened? Just curious.
  • I'd really like to see the commercial(s), but... Negative, comparison advertising, where a specific competitor is mentioned and even shown is such an extremely bad (ineffective) form of advertising (for various reasons) that, usually, there's an …
  • [quote]Originally posted by applenut: The man in the picture is Ron Johnson, Senior Vice President of Retail Fine. SJ: "Maybe if I hold real still and don't make eye contact, Ron will stop looking at me like that."
  • [quote]Originally posted by TOOL: You mean this guy? hehe..I bet someone could come up with some good captions. Yup, that's the guy. I'd freeze and keep my eyes straight forward, too, if I was being stared at like that. Please stop looking a…
  • That other guy in the photo looks... hmmm... I don't know... he's really interested in Mr. Jobs. SJ's probably thinking, "Maybe if I just stand really still and don't make eye contact, he'll go away. Go away, go away... away."
  • [quote]Originally posted by graphiteman: What you're doing is not illgeal, since you're using only one license at once (by running the software). What is illegal is to have more than one person use the software at the same time on more than one co…
  • Ok, before this gets too far... remember that Windows Office users almost always get the OEM version of Office bundled with their computer purchase. In fact, I don't know a single Windows user that bought Office retail. Usually, they use whatever ve…