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  • Quote: In no particular order, we have seen: eMac updated. Interesting to note that the eMac was the first to utilise the 8x SuperDrive. PowerBook models updated. iBook models updated. Power Mac G5 models updated only a couple of days ago. …
  • Both up again
  • Indeed, illustrative pic. A haircut could also be a good idea. Did you also spot some geeky (Harry Potter) type with glasses?
  • I might have found 'how to'. I truly hope so: It's in another thread (Anyone want to share their iTunes Libraries?) and posted by torifile. I have done it, and sure hope it works. Again, confirmation would be greatly appreciated. …
  • I'm trying again to share: Appreciate the response!!
  • Gabid - Many thanks! I will keep trying (and reading). I am on a Dutch cable network and inhome on AirPort. I am still not sure on the firewall settings. Thanks again, DirkS
  • A newbie testing. A confirmation that it works would be greatly appreciated. Can I somehow 'see' whether somebody is streaming from my library. Many thanks,
  • At this stage, my view is that 'hard current numbers' are just not reliable to predict what may happen. The ongoing support of the 'Big Five' publishers is far more important for future development of this service. As far as recent press coverage is…
  • This is not the first time that I come across some English lessons on AI (I'm Dutch). I like this, also funny, in a way!! I hope ' PB 17"' is still OK to use, or should I write okay? BTW, are there any good pic's of PB 17" that you folks have…
  • Lapzilla, I like this expression! I love the Shrek story. I will do the same, probably Spirit or Monsters Inc. I know about waiting....., I ordered my FP iMac the same day SJ announced this piece of art. 17" PB, on the other hand, it took s…
  • Oops, sorry for asking. I'm just a walk in, and who are you?
  • I will be travelling to the US the week after next. Fortunately, I will be close to an Apple Store (Philadelphia, King of Prussia) for a couple of days. My plan is to bring back to the Netherlands a 17" piece of art. Any of you have a clue when the …
  • This Singapore mouse looks good. I want to try it! Is it available to buy online from the Netherlands? Thanks, Dirk
  • This is my first contribution to the AI forums on the G4 iMac. I got ' hooked' on AI since the 'Apple hype MWSF' . Brilliant thread of >1000posts!! My input for other Dutch members (like myself): I ordered iMac G4/800 with 512 mb (two sticks)…
  • Sit back and relax, que sera, sera. Steve's strategy for the consumer market is not aimed at speed, instead, Apple focuses at the 'Digital hub' thing. If anything, we should expect a new iDevice at the NY event. Remember Steve's most recent key…
  • allenmcjones, where are you???