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  • I figured as much... it didn't make sense but I got a little worried when he told me that. I checked on my Powerbook and it has 512 MB on one slot and nothing on the second slot. He said it should have 256 and 256 in each slot. Thanks for the he…
  • Thanks for the advice guys. You rule! Where can you get good laptop locks? Does Apple sell them or do you have to go through a third party? I almost left early from work an hour early because our phones haven't been updated for daylight savings.…
  • Thanks for all the input. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the 15" Refurb Powerbook. I think it's a great deal at the price ($1599). I will probably get an extra 1 GB of ram (from crucial or elsewhere) so I'd have 1.5 total. I have a Dual Pr…
  • That 15" Powerbook is a refurb. I don't know if that should make any difference in my choice. Thanks again!
  • I didn't want to start a new thread so I am adding on to this one. I am going to be definitely buying a new laptop in the next week. Here's my question which laptop do you think is better? I would be fine with the ibook but is it going to perfo…
  • Thanks -- I thought learning about web design would be boring, but it's actually a lot of fun. I still am learning so don't know a lot of code, but I'm learning. I like the interface of Dreamweaver a lot and I was just curious what Adobe's purchase …
  • I bought Macromedia Dreamweaver a few months ago and just started learning about it. I bought a book (I forget the name but it's pretty dense, $29) that has tons of tutorials on it. As I am only in the first few chapters of this book does anyone…
  • I have been reading these forums and am pretty confused. I was hemming and hawing between buying a 14" iBook or a 15" Powerbook both with Superdrive. I was waiting until the WWDC to see if there would be updates on either line up. Now is it wort…
  • Okay, that's good to know. I think my certainty about getting the iBook just went down.
  • It's not that I don't like the 12" model, I just prefer a little larger screen. I actually think (90% certain) I'll get the 14" iBook but want to wait for the updates. I'm in no hurry -- just wanted to get some feedback.