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  • bump... this is occuring more frequently at the moment. No-one experienced anythign similar? Cheers Elliot
  • Yep, almost seems like I've wasted peoples' time reading this, sharing the connection works brilliantly, must make it recognise both connections rather than one over the other
  • Just had a thought.... what if I shared my airport connection with my xbox, then OS X would have to recognise both connections simultaneously surely?! Any thoughts?
  • Thanks thats brilliant, just what I've been after. Cheers
  • Hey - gimmie a chance. Your last post was incredibly useful, I've created the application. I was just trying to find out a little more before i responded with a followig question. As i said i am an applescript novice but capable enough to take w…
  • I mean whilst the program is running. It is only a background application so i do not understand why it requires dock space for an icon. I have it on auto launch, and the icon then remains in my dock whilst hardware growler is running (i.e. at all t…
  • Poker room is one of the only mac-friendly poker games i know of (apart from full tilt as you've just said). I use either poker room or partypoker via virtual pc, not perfect but its better than nothing.
  • Will the individual applications within iLife be released as updates (or at an update price) to our existing versions? I think the new iPhoto updates look pretty cool and would satisfy my photo editing requirements, I'm just not sure that i want to …
  • I own an iMac G5 and a samsung d500. Again not suported. It sems as though apple only tend towards sony ericsson and nokia at the moment, with no signs of movement towards samsung. I am only posting because it is a problem that I have been lookin…
  • I've been trying to get hold of Ribbit, the Azureus plugin for growl, but keep coming to dead ends. Could anyone send it to me or post a link? Cheers
  • I have found a pretty good applescript to do the exact job i wanted on this page: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.p...51013124423475 Cheers for your suggestion though
  • Cheers that hint is the perfect solution. Do you know of anyway to set up some kind of automater action to do the 'save reference' for me and then import it into iTunes?
  • That was the problem, my housemate tried to log in as some kind of guest but nothing worked, so entered my u/n and p/w and that was it... unrestricted access, my mistake I know. Is it possible to set up a second user account that people on my net…