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  • I love my MacBook *black* It's perfect!
  • As the owner of a nearly maxed out 1.5 SD 15" PB I would say go with the 12" SD. I love my 15", but there are too many problems with it, namely the battery life. I'm luck if I get a full 2 hours. 2.5 hours if airport turned off. The 12" is a decent …
  • OKAY so don't really know why, but all the sudden my PB started to work and now well.. ITTSSS ALLLIIVVVVEEEEEEE! Sweet. Thanks! and Sorry for the post now :-) -MJE
  • Apple sold Dual Proc. Powermacs w/ OS 9, when only OS X and special software. Possible...
  • ON Avg. uses 15-25% and spikes to 66% using a 550 G4 Powerbook, I agree that is WAY to high, esp. considering it runs all the time, but it still wont stop me from ussing it, but my comp. is all ready slow so \
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kesh They're functionally identical, so just get the cheaper one. The only real differences are that the Windows model comes with a 4-pin to 6-pin Firewire cable (so you'll need to buy a 6-to-6 for your Mac), a copy…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Willoughby Don't fill in your name or organization. Leave all those fields blank and hit continue Sweet thanks man, now to start re-ripping my songs
  • "Proof" of my problem http://www.spymac.com/gallery/data/500/16410QT.jpg
  • Oops AAC... No I tried Software update, and the standalone and it keeps bringing it up, Its really annyoning, I don't know what to do. I'm gonna try restarting, and uninstalling QT. Why didn't they just add it w/ iTunes 4?!?! -wishing myself luck…
  • I tried to install it, and it wont let me because I don't have a #, it says that I can not enter a number and enter it later, and hit cont. but it won't let me.....
  • Tivo is owned by Sony, I don't think they would sell....
  • Here ya go Open iTunes Preferences (under the File menu) Click on the "Advanced" tab. Unclick the box that says "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" and I think that should do it. Hope that helps EDIT: also unclick the "Copy files to music folder …
  • The Pic is still up though.... Lets wait for a couple more minutes.... I have them both saved on my HD. Ha you can't keep ME silent apple (insane laugh)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... Wow I'm really an idiot
  • Loop Rumors is down now (edit: story removed): 2:21 CT
  • Thanks for the suggestions! This is just wow! I mean I have gotten up to 400k a sec!! But what should I do to protect my computer? What firewall shoudl I use? How about protecting my connection? What do you guys suggest I should do? Thanks Again …
  • I'm not sure if anyone said this (quit reading about 1/2 way down sorry people below) Anyway, people are talking about how windows this and windows. Don't I mean (Pun way over used but) Apple to oranges. I mean you don't see a window user updating w…
  • IKEA all the way for a good design mand cheap price. Also try
  • Don't Flame me please, I'm just posting some results. Apple had really had the extra things that made its computer better. Built in 802.11. Firewire. Cook design ect. But the PC world It catching up, and fast.Has all that + Dobly out, DDR, 64MB grap…
  • I dont need to share a network w/ my PC. Would it be stupid to just buy an external DSL modem and hook it up to a basestation? I found one for ~ 100 bucks. IS that what most people do that just have 1 computer? Thanks again -mJE
  • Sorry I can't belive I let that slip, This PC has windows 98. Is this still possible w or w/o software? How safe/secure would it be?